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Business Statistics -2- NMIMS Solved Assignments

Business Statistics -2- NMIMS Solved Assignments

Q1. A departmental store gives in-service training to its salesman which is followed by a test. The management is considering whether it should terminate the services of the salesman who did not do well in the test. The following table gives the test scores, and the sales made by the salesman.

Test scores: 14 19 24 21 26 22 15 20 19

Sale (in Rs 1000): 31 36 48 37 50 45 33 41 39


Calculate the correlation between the test scores and sales. Does it indicate that the termination of services for low test scores is justified? If the firm wants a minimum sales volume of Rs 30,000 from each sales man, what are the minimum test scores indicating termination of the service?


Q2. The marks obtained in a certain examination follow normal distribution with mean 45 and standard deviation 10. If 1000 students appeared at the examination, calculate the number of students scoring

(a) Less than 40 marks and

(b) More than 60 marks.

(Use Z table value)

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