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Financial and Management Accounting-AU-Feb 14

Financial and Management Accounting-AU-Feb 14

Solution 2 Set Only

1. How do you analyse and interpret financial statement of a company for reporting on the soundness of its capital structure and solvency?

2. "Accounting ratios are mere guides and complete reliance on them in decision making is suicidal." Elucidate.

3. "Funds flow analysis represents a stock to flow linkage." - Justify.

4.  From the following information pertaining to M/s ABC & Co. Ltd., prepare its trading, profit & Loss A/c for the year ending 31st March 2012 and summarized Balance Sheet as on that date.

Current ratio                                 - 2.5

Quick Ratio                                    - 1.3

Proprietary ratio                             - 0.06         

Gross Profit to sales                       - 10%

Debtors Velocity                            - 40 days

Sales                                             - 273000

Working capital                                       - 120000

Bank overdraft                              - 215000

Share Capital                                 - 250000

Closing Stock is 10% more than opening stock

Net profit 10% of proprietary fund

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