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MS-06-Marketing for Managers

MS-06-Marketing for Managers


1.            a) Explain the concept of Marketing and substantiate the significance in modern          

    organization in accomplishment of their objectives.

b) What is STP strategy? Discuss the concept of positioning by taking an example of your

     choice and the benefits that firms accrue in a competitive environment.


2.            a) What do you understand by the term concept of PLC? Discuss taking any two

     examples of your choice in the recent part. 

           b) List out and explain the three additional marketing mix element essentials in marketing     

              of services. Discus by taking any two services of your choice.


3.        a) Discuss the role and importance of physical distribution in accomplishing the marketing

              goals of a firm.

           b) What are the major pricing strategies available to the marketer? Discuss each of 

    them in terms of this merits and demerits. What pricing strategy would you support in

    the following cases

i)                    Low priced Tablet Computer

ii)                  CNG fitted small car


4.        a) What makes manager rely on primary data for marketing decision? Substantiate with

                suitable examples

           b) Discuss the factors that are major determinants of promotion mix in the following


i)                    Mid size FMCG Company    

ii)                  Banking services


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