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MS-01-Management Functions and Behavior

MS-01-Management Functions and Behavior



1.                  What are the essential components of an effective MIS and why? Describe the MIS of an organization, known to you or you are familiar with, giving detailed description and critically evaluate its effectiveness. Briefly describe the organization, you are referring to.


2.                  State and explain the importance of Mission, Vision, Objectives, and Strategy in the functioning of an organization. Find out these statements of a few organizations and explain their significance. How do they help you understand about these organizations? Describe with brief details of the organization you are referring to.


3.                  What are the essential components /indicators/ Determinants of Organizational Climate and Organisational Culture? Take example of two organizations, list out the component /indicators/ dimensions of their climate and culture and explain their corresponding perceived major focus, with example. Briefly describe the organizations you are referring to.


4.                  What are the element of an organization structure, and the factors influencing its choice? Take example of two organizations and explain with logic as to how are their structures suited to their requirements or influenced by the other factors.


5.                  Why do groups get formed? What are the stages of group formation? Explain the formation of a group and relate it to the stages with brief description of purpose and structure of the group, as you are aware of. Also briefly describe the organization, if this group was the part of it.

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