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Business Law NMIMS June 18

Business Law NMIMS June 18

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Q1. In today's corporate scenario undergoing long drawn litigation is expensive and time consuming. The senior management of your company has given you a project to find the feasibility of Alternate Dispute Resolutions (ADR). Please prepare a short brief on what is ADR, its types, advantages and practical examples where ADR is feasible than conventional litigation. (10 Marks)

Q2. Junaid is an investigative journalist assigned to identify and bring to light negligence of the Municipal Authority at Mumbai. Junaid is currently investigating whether the initiative of segregation of garbage has been fully implemented but he has not received any response from the authorities. Please help Junaid under what law he can legally obtain information along with the procedure, timelines and cost involved

Q3. Rakesh had planned to go for short holiday in Goa along with his wife. He started looking out for hotels in Goa and based on various websites and reviews he had booked a Le Grand Hotel in North Goa. He paid the money in advance and the booking was confirmed. On reaching this hotel, he found that the hotel was not as per the hotel's website and reviews. Further, on reaching the hotel he realized that the pictures displayed on the website were in such angle so as to conceal the real look and image of the hotel property. Rakesh demanded a refund, but the Hotel refused stating that Rakesh was supposed to check before booking and quoted the principle of "Caveat Emptor".

Please help Rakesh in the following:

a. Is Rakesh's claim defeated under the principle of Caveat Emptor? Please give reasons for your answers. (5 Marks)

b. Assuming if Rakesh wanted to pursue this case before a Consumer Court, what are the remedies he would apply for?

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