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Financial Institutions and Markets-NMIMS June 18

Financial Institutions and Markets-NMIMS June 18

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Q1. Krishna has recently joined an investment management company and his profile consisted of money market instruments. His manager in order to estimate his understanding of the market, asked him to prepare a report on the instruments of the market. Suggest which instruments of the financial market should be included in his report. (10 Marks)


Q2. Nisha has completed her graduation and had started working in an MNC. She was able to save good amount every month so she thought of making investments. She had heard about capital market from her friend Alok. She decided to approach him to understand the process to start investments in capital market. If you are Alok, mention step by step process to Nisha, keeping in mind she doesn’t understand trading mechanism. (10 Marks)


Q3. Alok was working in the portfolio management department of Alpha Ltd and had new recruits to whom he was supposed to provide training on the risks associated with the financial market as apart from earning returns they should be well aware of the risks that can be managed and which ones cannot be managed in a portfolio. He decided to broadly classify the risks in two categories and explain the different types of risks associated with each one. If you are Alok,

3a) Explain different types of risks associated with systematic risk. (5 Marks)

3b) Explain different types of risks associated with unsystematic risk. (5 Marks)


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