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Financial Accounting and Analysis NMIMS Apr18

Financial Accounting and Analysis NMIMS Apr18

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Q1. The following trial balance has been extracted from the books of XYZ Ltd as on 31st March 2017.

ignou mba april 2018 The following trial balance has been extracted from the books of XYZ Ltd as on 31st March 2017

The following additional information is available:

  • Depreciation on Furniture, Plant and Machinery to be provided at 10% per annum
  • Write off Rs. 10000 as bad debts and make a provision for doubtful debts at 5% on sundry debtors
  • Closing stock was Rs. 700000

You are required to:

a. Mention the formula to calculate gross profit and net profit

b. Prepare the profit and loss account for the year ended 31st march 2017 and Balance sheet as on that date.

c. Comment on the position of financial statements as on date prepared by you.



Q2. A company acquired the following assets three years ago:

A company acquired the following assets three years ago

After using the assets for three years, the company decided to change its Depreciation policy as follows:

  • The useful life of the equipment was revised upwards to 8 years, keeping its residual value at Rs. 500000.
  • The useful life of the building was revised upwards to 40 years, keeping its residual value at Rs. 1000000.


These changes have been implemented from the fourth year onwards.

a. You are required to analyze the impact of such changes in depreciation policy on the financial statements of firms, and write a detailed note on the same..

b. How do you think future profits of this company will be impacted because of these changes?

c. Are any disclosures regarding these required to be made? (10 Marks)



Q3. Both A Ltd. and B Ltd. operate wholesale electronic stores throughout India. The financial statements of each business for the year ended as on 31st March, 2017 are as follows:

ignou assignments


ignou mba assignments 2018

All purchases and sales were made on credit. A Ltd. and B Ltd. have declared a dividend of Rs. 135 million and Rs. 95 million in respect of the year. The market prices of a share of A Ltd. and B Ltd. are Rs. 6.50 and Rs. 8.20 respectively


a. Both the companies have approached a particular bank for seeking long term loans. Critically evaluate which of the two companies will get the loan at better terms and conditions. (5 Marks)

b. As a potential investor looking for good investment opportunities in this sector, which of the two companies do you find more attractive? (5 Marks)



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