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Management Theory and Practice-NMIMS Apr 18

Management Theory and Practice-NMIMS Apr 18

International Business

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Q1. Jeff Weiner (CEO- LinkedIn) is known for his open and compassionate leadership style. He spends quite some time coaching his executives and encourages them to put the customer first and think like an owner. Explain with examples, what type of leader is Jeff Weiner and what kind of leadership style (with reference to leadership styles mentioned in your text book) does he practice? (10 Marks)


Q2. ‘The New You’ manufactures garments and is currently engaged in jeans, shirts, trousers, swimwear for men and school uniforms for boys. They have product based organization structure in place. However, it is prohibiting the company to achieve its company-wide goals as each unit operates on its own. The organization intends sharing equipments and experts across products to achieve higher utilization rate. Design an organization structure for ‘The New You’ and list benefits of the proposed structure. (10 Marks)


Q3. 3. Joe was heading the Human Resources Department at Lifelong Insurance Pvt. Ltd. Joe was an experienced HR professional with a track record of successfully managing Human Resources and reducing labor attrition. He recently happened to attend a session on employee motivation where various theories of motivation were discussed. He was highly impressed with the simplicity of the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory and Herzberg’s motivation model. He decided to implement the same at the workplace for employees of Lifelong Insurance. He convinced the CEO of the company to incorporate the factors of recognition, advancement, growth for employees. The CEO supported Joe and various plans for employee recognition, advancement, etc were rolled out. The plans received a mixed response. Some found them as a cheap substitute to salary hikes while the backoffice staff enjoyed the processes but failed to recognize its impact on work. The field executives said that their job was already challenging and commission on insurance sales acted as a motivator to them. After about a couple of months of implementing these programs, Joe was highly disappointed to notice that the programs did not have the impact as desired. Joe faced severe criticism from the top management of the company.

a. What according to you were the reasons of failure of the strategy adopted by Joe? Discuss with reference to Maslow and Herzberg’s theories. (5 Marks)

b. To what extent do you think is money a motivator? (5 Marks)

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