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Business Ethics Governance and Risk-NMIMS-2017

Business Ethics Governance and Risk-NMIMS-2017

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Q1. A customer asked for a product from us today. After telling him the product price, he said he could not afford it. I know he could get it cheaper from a competitor. Should I tell him about the competitor -- or let him go without getting what he needs? What is the guideline for me? How do I explain this process to my junior team members? (10 Marks)


Q2. You are in a head-to-head battle with your arch competitor, Evil Enterprises. One of your co-workers, Jason Smith approaches you. He has recently joined your company after having worked for a second competitor for several years. He suggests, "I made notes on all of Evil's bids when I could get the data. They use some clear cost standards. Would you like me to bring my notes to the office tomorrow and let you look through them?" How do you respond? What is the reasoning you use to justify your decision? (10 Marks)


Q3A) An individual within a company often finds it difficult to adjust to the requirements of the business game. In one form or another the ethical dilemma is felt sooner or later by most business managers. The manager of an export department, Adam, eager to show rising sales, is pressed by a big customer to provide invoices, which while containing no overt falsehood that would violate Indian law, are so worded that the customer may be able to evade certain taxes in his home country. How do think should Adam answer? How will you convince him to answer so? (5 Marks)


Q3B) A company President finds that, an ageing executive within a few years of retirement and his pension, is not as productive as he was in the earlier 10 years and so should not be kept on. What are the pros and cons of either choice- to keep and to not keep? (5 Marks)

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