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Financial Accounting and Analysis-NMIMS-2017

Financial Accounting and Analysis-NMIMS-2017

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Question 1

Pass necessary adjustment entries with narrations for the following adjustments: (10 Marks)

1. Salaries outstanding Rs.250000

2. Prepaid Insurance Rs.40000

3. Interest accrued on investments Rs.50000

4. Commission received in advance Rs.28500

5. To provide 10% interest on capital of Rs.5500000


Question 2

You being the senior manager of Abacus Ltd, a company listed at BSE.As a matter of compliance you have to prepare the financial statements as per the guidelines given by the Companies Act 2013. Discuss at least ten instructions given under the respective section/schedule of the Act with regard to preparation and presentation of financial statement. (10 Marks)


Question 3

a) For the year 2014-15, Tatoo¡¦s limited earns Rs50 lacs before tax. Additional information available ¡V

  • 50000 Equity shares issued on 1.1.2010 @ Rs 100
  • Interest payable on Debentures @ 10 % on debentures worth 50Lacs
  • Corporate Tax 33.33 %.

Compute EPS (5 Marks)


b) While preparing cash flow statement as per the AS-3 sufficient care is required to be taken with regard to non-cash transactions and extra-ordinary item. Discuss, with examples, how the items Non cash transactions and Extra-ordinary items are treated as per the Accounting standard 3. (5 Marks)

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