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Services Marketing-NMIMS Dec-16

Services Marketing-NMIMS Dec-16

Services Marketing

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Q1. Lintas Corporation is in the business of producing readymade garments? The company has three factories across India. The company has its own niche segment. The target customers of company are Middle Class Consumers. Identify the different components involved in service marketing triangle? (10 Marks)


Q2. Tagheur watches are in the business of offering luxurious watches to its target customers. Market comprises of few competitors, brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Rado, Titan (Limited Edition), etc. are also offering the watches in the same segment. Bring about the Promotion strategy being adapted by Tagheur to stand in the competition against the competitors? (10 Marks)


Q3. There has been a phenomenal market battle by ‘Godrej No.1’ and has clearly reflected the intensity on the soap business. ‘Lux’, the market leader and a well entrenched product of Hindustan Unilever Limited, faced fierce competition and has been making a strenuous effort to maintain its share. Sales of ‘Godrej No.1’ rose from a couple of Lakhs of rupees in 1978 to over Rs. 100 Crores in 1985 and became the second largest seller of soaps in the current trend. Godrej No.1’ penetrated the ‘Lux’ market with average quality and low price. While ‘Lux’ was a Premium brand for upper segment. ‘Godrej No.1’ positioned itself as a common man’s soap. ‘Godrej No.1’ provided for sufficient advertising with a sample theme of ‘Brand Awareness’, through all powerful media including Television. The product was made available all over the country through mass distribution.



a. What are the Pricing objectives of ‘Lux’ and ‘Godrej No.1’ (5 Marks)

b. What pricing approaches and strategy will you take for ‘Lux’ and ‘Godrej No.1’? (5 Marks)

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