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Project Management-MMIMS Dec-16

Project Management-MMIMS Dec-16

Project Management

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Q1. NFC as a technology has the potential to bring about efficiencies in many areas to make life easier. Transportation is saddled with challenges, especially in the developing world where ever increasing traffic levels are compelling countries to adopt solutions such as NFC. Using NFC can enable the smooth flow of high density traffic, transit and people movement to a large extent. City transport bodies in many Indian states are contemplating launching contactless cards for bus ticketing where commuters can store their ticket or pass digitally on their device with the option to add credit anytime, anywhere. Evaluate the probable risks involved in the implementation of such a project in India and choose a suitable plan to manage the same. (10 marks)


Q2. Describe in detail the elements of project planning phase of any two projects. (10 marks)


Q3a. With the help of an example of a failed project, as a project manager how would you have performed the tasks differently to ensure that the project is a success? (5 marks)

b. What qualities would you look for in a project manager who has been assigned with the role of managing the ERP implementation within your organization? (5 marks)

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