Financial Accounting and Analysis-2ndSet-1st-2016-NMIMS

Financial Accounting and Analysis-2ndSet-1st-2016-NMIMS
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Q1) Following information is available in respect of Hardin Demand Ltd. Prepare Cash flow statement As per AS-3. (10 Marks)
Net profit for the year 550000
Depreciation 100000
Loss on sale of machinery 50000
Decrease in stock 60000
Increase in creditors 70000
Repayment of short term loan 100000
Purchase of building 500000
Sale of machinery 150000
Interest received 26000
Loan taken for five year period 845000
Interest paid 45000
Q 2) Apra Limited is a retailer of plastic jugs. It has several retail stores across the nation. Each city has more than one retail store and has a central warehouse, from where the goods are delivered to each retail store of the city, as and when order is placed by the city’s store on the city’s central warehouse .Apra Limited seeks your advice on how to calculate the cost of inventories in different stores as on Balance sheet date. For one of the fast moving item, in the inventory , he provides with the following detail- (10 Marks)
Particulars Rs
Average Administrative cost per unit 10
Average purchase price per unit 150
Average transportation cost per unit charged by the supplier 5
Average lease rent (of the retail store )per unit 8
Average transportation cost per unit charged by the local transporter for transporting the goods from the city’s central warehouse 7
Average cost per unit to deliver the unit to the customer 2
Advise Apra Limited on what cost should be included in the “cost of the item” to be used as for the valuation of the stock held as on the balance sheet date.
Q 3) Suppose you are one of the investors interested in knowing the performance of P & G. Discuss,
a) The ratios which will you study to analyse the financial position and performance of the company. (5 Marks)
b) Suppose, if you don’t perform the ratio analysis exercise what can be the consequences. (5 Marks)
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