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NLU-08: CyberCrimesComputerForensicsAndDigitalEvidence-14

NLU-08: CyberCrimesComputerForensicsAndDigitalEvidence-14

Part A

1. What is the meaning of the term ‘cyber crime’? What actors are involved in it? (3 marks)

2. Elaborate the different types of computer viruses. (4 marks)

3. What remedies are available for victims faced with cyber stalking? (Also include Indian law provisions on the issue) (3 marks)

4. What are the key points to be remembered before seeking electronic information as evidence? (5 marks)

5. Explain the meaning of ‘digital evidence’. Explain some important provisions of law (also include India) dealing with or recognizing digital evidence. Has the Indian law adapted itself to accept digital evidence in court proceedings? (5 marks)


Part B


6. Salima receives a mail from her bank (or so it seemed to purport) that asked her to verify her identity details to keep her account with the bank functional. The mail contained a link on which the customer was required to link. The link infact directed Salima to another website (not authorized by the bank), thus taking in all details of her account which she entered. Soon she realized that it was a sham email. Explain the course of action that Salima should take to protect her account from unauthorized access and also the legal recourse available to her/bank against the perpetrators of fraud. (10 marks)

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