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NLU-06: IT Act and Internet Governance-MT1-14

NLU-06: IT Act and Internet Governance-MT1-14

Part A: Case Study (Compulsory)

Ql. Internet users can be intentionally fooled by different websites with similar domain names. Introducing extra characters through IDNs increases this risk. While characters in one alphabet may look identical to characters in another alphabet to a user, they are discriminated by computers. The threat was highlighted by a spoof website for using a Cyrillic 'a' rather than a Latin 'a'. Users could receive this link in an email and give personal and financial details on the false site. One solution proposed is for software manufacturers to develop more sophisticated tools for distinguishing scripts. Can you suggest other solutions for the problem. Discuss the pros and cons of the suggestions given by you.

Part B: Attempt Any Three

Q2. Discuss the significance of 'DNS war' in development of Internet Governance

Q3. What do you understand by TCP/IP protocol? How does it work? Are there any other protocols which can be considered better transmission protocols and if so, state them and also give elaborate reasons as to their superiority over TCP/IP protocol.

Q4. What are the various types of Cryptography? Which cryptography is used for Digital Signature and why?

Q5. Write short notes on any two:

(a)   Technology Neutrality

(b)   Browse Wrap Agreements

(c)   Mail box rule

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