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IMT-48: DOT Net Programming-2014

IMT-48: DOT Net Programming-2014



1. (a)What is common language Runtime and how it is different from common type system.

(b) Explain the difference between CTS Class Types and CTS Interface Types.


2. (a) What is ILDasm.exe?

(b) Mention any five members of System Array class.


3. (a) Explain the difference between CTS Class Types and CTS Interface Types

(b) Explain the rule of System Array Base Class in Business application.


4. (a) What is Server Explorer?

(b) (b) What is web service ?

5. (a) What is ASPX pages?

(b) What is ADO.NET?






1. (a) What are literals? Explain various types of literals in C#.

(b) Write a program to explain boxing and unboxing.


2. (a) Explain conditional operators.

(b) How data type conversion is done in c#.


3. (a) write a C# program to show the following output.


1 2 1

1 2 3 2 1

1 2 3 4 3 2 1


(b) generate the code to reverse the following number



4. (a) Explain the main method.

(b) Write a program for method overloading.


5. (a) Define the advantage of general exceptional handler.

(b) Explain the use of checking operator in C# application.






1. (a) Describe the function and use of BindingManagerBase object.

(b) Define complex data binding and explain how you use it with a data grid.


2. (a) How can you allocate memory to arrays?

(b) How can you copy an array?

(c) Write a program in C# to sort the element of a linear array


3. (a) Distinguish between ordinary class properties and methods and shared class properties and methods.

(b) Explain how you can use the debug object to display information in the output window.


1. (a) Distinguish between radio button and check box controls.

(b) Describe how you work with the items in a combo box list or a list box.

5. Explain "is-a" and "has a" relationship with the help of examples.






1. Write a C# program to generate a triangle with fibonacci numbers (series given below) as elements of every row. For example, for m = 5, the output should be



1 1

1 1 2

1 1 2 3

1 1 2 3 5.

Given, fibo(n) = fibo (n - 1) + fibo (n - 2), for n >= 3

= 1 for n= 1, 2




2. Write a program to calculate the telephone bill. Each time when the program is run, it should first ask for the program first ask for the number of calls made and then print the amount payable as per the following rules:


- First 200 calls are free

- Next 100 calls @Rs. 1.80 per call

- And the next calls @ Rs. 2.30 per call

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