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IMT-40: Marketing management-2014

IMT-40: Marketing management-2014



1. Explain the core concepts of marketing in short.

2. What is the concept of holistic marketing?

3. What is sales orientation how is it different from marketing orientation?

4. Explain what is MIS and its sources.

5. Prepare steps you will take while researching consumer preferences for an FMCG product of your choice.



1. Explain segmentation of automobiles in India.

2. How social and cultural factors affect marketing discuss with examples?

3. How family life cycle affect product design in different countries, explain?

4. What is product? Discuss product mix.

5. What is the concept of product life cycle? Explain with its strategic use by marketers.



1. How can we classify retailers based on products they carry?

2. How can distribution be a competitive advantage, elaborate?

3. What is online marketing? How is it different from traditional marketing?

4. What is Integrated Marketing Communication? discuss its elements.

5. What role media planning plays in effective advertising? explain.



Cadbury's found itself in the eye of a storm, when a few instances of worms in its Dairy Milk bars were reported in Maharashtra. Initially the company denied the allegation but it had already caught fire amongst consumers, having a direct bearing on sales. In less than two weeks, the company launched a PR campaign for the trade. And three months later, came an ad campaign featuring Big B and a revamped poly-flow packaging. The company communicated to the consumer about the fool proof packing of its products and invited them for the plant visit.

In a few months the company was back to its market share. These experts believe that the reason for Cadbury's success was that it took crisis head-on. And the consumers were more forgiving, because the brand enjoyed an emotional equity in India.


1. What is the role of celebrities in communication? Explain in the light of this case.

2. Critically analyze firms handling of this situation.



India’s largest organized coffee retail brand Café Coffee day CCD is undergoing a change. It has changed its logo, revamped it menu and is on store opening spree. CCD currently has around 1,275 outlets across the country, but plans to increase that number to 2,000 by the end of 2014. In the meantime, the chain’s food menu is being revamped and expanded, and the vendor base is being accordingly strengthened. CCD is known for “a lot more can happen over coffee “. Positioned as hang out place, CCD has been able to create a good place for itself in the market.

It recently also launched the Coffee Day WakeCup, a single serve coffee brewing system, priced at Rs 4,000 for the basic version and Rs 5,000 for the automatic version. “The machine will be made available across all the 1,200 coffee day outlets at the initial phase and the company may look at other modes of distribution at a later date,” says K Ramakrishnan, president (marketing), Cafe Coffee Day.


The challenge for the company is to make coffee a part of the life of the consumers, so that they could leverage on the expansion of per capita consumption of coffee. At present per capita consumption of coffee is about 82 grams per person, which in UK is about 8 KG per person. The company also faces competition from existing players like Barista and new entrant Starbucks which is entering in India with Tata. However being an early entrant it is already present in about 200 towns in the country which gives it an advantage. It also has an advantage of being an incumbent player and understanding customers well. The chain recently launched a loyalty card programme called café moments, which is a prepaid card for the consumers. However Star bucks a huge international player has a deep experience of serving coffee to the consumers and building loyalty.



1. Perform a Marketing SWOT analysis for firm.

2. Suggest how firms can leverage its existing equity and immune itself form competition.

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