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IMT-72: Rural Marketing-2014

IMT-72: Rural Marketing-2014



Question 1: Define Rural Marketing, explain the various transformations the Rural markets are witnessing in the changing marketing scenario.

Question 2: The Indian government is looking at growth of the rural markets and in order to boost the rural economy, has implemented various policies and schemes, explain a few of them and their implications.

Question 3: What is the concept of the new retail outlets coming up in rural areas, what in your view is the large industrial groups thinking in setting up retail chains in rural areas.

Question 4: Explain the importance of MIS in rural markets, what are the various indicators considered for rural marketing index.

Question 5: Evaluate the hierarchy of markets for rural consumers.



Question 1: Explain the various problems faced by marketers in rural marketing. How do they overcome it?

Question 2: Is positioning of consumable goods a good marketing strategy? Comment.

Question 3: Explain the factors that are responsible for fertilizer consumption, Classify the agrochemicals markets.

Question 4: What are the factors to be considered for marketing machinery in rural areas?

Question 5: Explain the various strategies used by marketing companies in marketing consumables in rural areas.



Question 1: Explain the term regulated markets, how does it help in farmers realizing a better price in the markets.

Question 2: Do the farmers need loans? Explain the main functions of NABARD.

Question 3: Explain the product strategy adopted by marketers in rural markets.

Question 4: How can a marketer make communication effective?

Question 5: Explain the significance of pricing in rural markets.



Agricultural extension is a national priority and support from the industry and other organizations are sought by the government in this Endeavour. With the advancement of agricultural technology and liberal market scenario, the service aspect needs reiteration and further strengthening. A group of specialized people in agriculture, particularly those who intend to take up export oriented agri-business, will heavily depend on professionalized extension services for which they will be willing to pay. Some of the growers, through their associations like Seed Growers Association, Grapes Growers Association, have organized themselves for obtaining tailor made extension support. The large majority of small and marginal farmers will, however, look forward to the government system and mass media for access to information on latest technological advancements. Consultancy services in agriculture sector are popping up but buyers are mostly large organizations or affluent farmers.


Mr. Sharma has a large grape growing vineyard in the Sholapur district Maharashtra, the crop is generally exported and little is sold in the local markets in the past few years the crops exported are being rejected in the Middle East Countries and Mr. Sharma is facing a strong financial crisis. He is looking at some expert advice on the cultivation methods, to regain his lost markets and future growth, the advice from the some of the experts has not yielded the desired results.


1. What is the role of the service providers in the agriculture markets.

2. What in your opinion should be the course of action for Mr. Sharma to regain the lost markets.

3. Do you feel the Agriculture services have a future in agriculture markets?



Mr Verma of Master Detergent was a worried person; another competitor had launched a special pack of a Detergent with a very competitive price and very aggressive advertisement and Sales promotion schemes. The flagship brand of the company MAST was taking a beating in the market and sales were going down.

The company Master is a old company existing for more than 60 years and has a strong brand equity in the Rural market. The products of the company are well known and command a premium and have a niche place in the rural market, there are also other products as Soaps Shampoos and other consumer goods the company offers.

The New Company does not have the long Range of products Master has but is strong on Raw materials buying and thus offers very low prices to attract customers this according to Mr Verma is a big strength.

Mr Verma is sitting in his office trying to find a new marketing strategy to regain the lost market share.


Q1 Pl help Mr Verma in his endeavor to regain the lost share and increase brand equity.

Q2 Should Mr Verma create a separate marketing strategy for the rural markets?

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