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IMT-41: Indian Financial Services-2014

IMT-41: Indian Financial Services-2014



Question 1: Discuss the various constituents of the Indian Financial System.

Question 2: The RBI Act of 1934 bestows all the important functions of a central bank to the RBI .Explain briefly.

Question 3: What is the Securities and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (SARFAESI ACT 2002)?

Question 4: How to repos and reverse repos affect liquidity?

Question 5: Explain the bought-out deal.



Question 1: Define merchant banker, and explain the nature of merchant bankers’ activities.

Question 2: What is meant by book building issue?

Question 3. Discuss the key risk management initiatives taken by SEBI.

Question 4: Explain the various types of financial instruments.

Question 5: What are fixed –income securities?



Question 1: Hyderabad Ltd, entered on a lease agreement with First Leasing Limited on 01st

a. Fair value of the assets Rs. 5,25,000. April 2012. The following are the conditions of the lease:

b. Life of the assets is 5 years, residual value is 52,500.

c. Lease rentals are Rs. 1,45,635 for 5 years payable at the end of each year.

Show how this transaction would be recorded in the books of Hyderabad Ltd., for the first two years; also show the profit and loss account and balance sheet for these two years.


Question 2: Explain the impact of NII (Net Income Approach) in different approach.

Question 3: Analyze the recent trends in M & A activities in India.

Question 4. Define the venture capital business and explain its features.

Question 5. What is a finance lease? How is it different from other type of lease?



Star Ltd. is considering merger with Moon ltd. Star Ltd’s share are currently traded at Rs. 30.00 Per Share. It has 3000 shares outstanding. Its earnings after taxes (EAT) amount to ` 6,00,000. Moon Ltd. has 1,60,000 shares outstanding and its current market price is ` 15.00 per share and its earnings after taxes (EAT) amount to ` 1,60,000. The merger is decided to be effected.

by means of a stock swap (exchange). Moon Ltd has agreed to proposal by which Star Ltd will offer the current market value of Moon Ltd’s shares.

Find out:

a. The pre-merger earnings per share (EPS) and Price/earnings (P/E) ratios of both the companies.

b. If Moon Ltd’s P/E Ratio is 9.6, what is its current Market Price? What is the Exchange Ratio? What will Star Ltd. post merger EPS be?

c. What should be the exchange ratio; if Star Ltd’s pre-merger and post-merger EPS are to be the same?



From the following information, you are required to advise a company about the leasing out of the assets:

Cost of the assets                                                 Rs. 12,00,000/-

Average cost of capital to the lessor                       10%

Depreciation                                                          15% on original cost

Life                                                                       5 years

Salvage value                                                        50,000

Lease rent payable at the end of each of 5 years   Rs. 4,50,000/-

Corporate tax                                                   50% applicable to lessor

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