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Training and Development AN18

Training and Development AN18

Annamalai mba assignments

Note: Answer will provide only for two question.

Training and Development


Q1. A leading FMCG company in India decides to train its entire population of employees and managers to provide “Legendary Customer Service.” Suggest and explicate a design for evaluating the impact of such a massive training effort.


Q2. Is training transfer an important issue in the automobile manufacturing companies? How transfer is evaluated in those companies? Design an action plan sheet that a manager and employee could use to facilitate transfer of training. Justify each category included in the action plan.


Q3. In a financial services company where 100 employees are working in information technology department had a high employee turnover rate. A survey of employees revealed that the reason most left was dissatisfaction with the level of training. The average turnover rate was 23 percent per year. The cost to recruit and train one new employee was Rs. 56,625/-. To address the turnover problem, the company developed a skills training program that averaged 80 hours per year per employee. The average employee wage was Rs. 35/- per hour. Instructor, classroom, and other costs were Rs. 170,000/-.

a) What is the total cost of training? The total cost of turnover?

b) If the turnover rate dropped 8 percent (from 23 percent to 15 percent), what was the financial benefit of the training program?

c) What was the ROI of the training program?

d) How much would the turnover rate have to be reduced (from 23 percent) for the training program to show a benefit?


Q4. Assume you are a personnel manager in an service organization, if you had an opportunity to choose between adventure learning and action learning for developing an effective team in your organisation, which would you prefer? Defend your choice with precise justification.

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