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Structured System Analysis and Design AN18

Structured System Analysis and Design AN18

Annamalai mba assignments

Note: Answer will provide only for two question.


Q1.(a) Some companies hire consulting firms to develop the initial project plans and manage the project, but use their own analysts and programmers to develop the system. Why do you think some companies do this? Justify your views

Q1 (b): Suppose you are a systems analyst developing a detailed test plan. Explain the testing strategies you will use in your plan. Will you use live or simulated data?

Q2. (a) What is the drawback of DFD? Draw a DFD for the university admission system.

Q2(b) Draw O-level, 1-level and 2-level DFDs depicting various processes, data flow and data repositories for a retail readymade garment stores. Follow the appropriate conventions/symbols

Q3.(a) How will you design databases for an application? Explain with any one example.

Q3(b) Describe the sequential and indexed sequential organizations and comment on their applicability in file design.

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