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Negotiation Skills-1-July-Dec-14

Negotiation Skills-1-July-Dec-14

Section A (20 Marks)

Write short notes on any four of the following

1.      Guidelines for Successful Negotiation

2.      Conclusion from Principles of negotiation

3.      Objectives of negotiation

4.      Building a Positive Attitude toward Negotiating

5.      Dewey's Problem Solving Model


Section B (30 marks)


(Attempt any three)

1.      Explain the term conflict. List and explain the types of conflicts. What are the ineffective approaches to conflict?

2.      Discuss the seven elements of negotiation.

3.      Describe the Hawks of negotiating theory.

4.      Evaluate how patience and persistence can be developed for negotiation.


Section C (50 marks)


(Attempt all questions. Every question carries 10 marks)


Read the case “Greg’s Negotiation Skills.” and answer the following questions:


Case Study: Greg’s Negotiation Skills


Greg was offered a job with a leading advertising agency. He was really very happy as he was jobless for quite some time now. The HR quoted a figure to Greg, which did not impress him much. Greg tried his level best to negotiate with the HR, but unfortunately the HR had already found that Greg was in dire need of the job. He refused to negotiate further. Poor Greg had no option than to accept it.

Where did Greg go wrong?

The only mistake he did was he made it very obvious that there was no way he could afford to miss this opportunity.

§  Be dignified - One should maintain the decorum of the place and should not stoop to any level for getting the best deal. Present your ideas in a dignified way. Remember it is just a discussion, not a battle field. Avoid shouting or using derogatory statements against anyone. If you are not satisfied with the deal, its better to quit rather than fighting and using abusive languages.

§  Be very clear in your communication - Stay firm on your quotes and do not change statements quite often. Don’t play with words or try to confuse others. One needs to be straightforward from the very beginning.

§  Be a good listener - Don’t jump to conclusions; instead listen to what the other party offers. Understand his situation well. It’s okay to think about your personal interests but don’t be mad for it. If the deal is not benefiting the other party, he will obviously not accept it, don’t be after his life. If you don’t listen to others, they would obviously not respond to you.

When a customer goes to purchase something, he must not forget that the store owner also has to earn his profits. The store owner should also understand the customer’s needs and pocket. Negotiation depends on mutual understanding.

§  Be reasonable - Don’t quote anything just for the sake of it. Be reasonable. Don’t quote imaginary or unusually high figures. Don’t ask for anything you yourself know is not possible. It will just be wastage of time and no one would benefit out of it.

Nobody is born with good negotiation skills; you need time to acquire them. Be tactful and patient. Understand the second party well - his needs, expectations and find out a solution beneficial to both the parties.





1.      Discuss the situation given in the above case.

2.      What was Greg’s position when he was offered a job?

3.      List some tips that could have made Greg’s negotiation successful.

4.      How does being a good listener help in a negotiation deal?

5.      Throw light on how important it is to be clear in youtr communication during a negotiation.

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