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3rd Sem PGDBM NMIMS Assignments April 2018

3rd Sem PGDBM NMIMS Assignments April 2018

April 2018 Session NMIMS Solved Assignments

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1. Consumer Behavior

Q1. What do you understand by consumer involvement. How would you classify the following purchase decision in terms of high or low involvement decisions? Explain the reason for your classification in each case. (10 Marks)

  • Gel Pen
  • An Birthday Greeting Card to wife
  • Restaurant selection
  • Car
  • Selection of school for your child
  • Stationery for everyday use.

Q2. A well-known International fitness company is planning to set up a nationwide fitness centers in India. Describe how this international company can use psychographics to plan its segmentation and promotion strategy. Using VALS II typology, suggest which segments should the company target and why? (10 Marks)

Q3 What type of information search behaviour would you expect in the first time purchase of the following products and why?

Q3a (5 Marks)

Ice Cream

Skin whitening Cream

Lap top

A study table

Q3b. What are the implications of the above information search behavior for marketers of these products? Explain. (5 Marks)

2. Corporate Finance

Q1: Calculate the degree of operating leverage and degree of financial leverage for the following firms:




Sales (Rs.)

Variable cost p.u

Fixed cost (Rs.)

Output (units)













Q2. A Project costs Rs 60,000 and is expected to generate cash inflows as:


Cash inflows(Rs)













Calculate the Net Present Value of the project if the cost of capital is 10%. (10 Marks)

Q3. Solve the following:

a) A company earns 5 per share. The cost of capital is 10%, the rate of return on investment is 14% and the dividend payout ratio is 25%. Calculate the value of each share by using Walter’s Model. (5 Marks)

b) XYZ Limited has a paid-up share capital of Rs. 10 lakhs of Rs. 10 each. The company has a dividend payout rate of 10%. Annual growth rate is expected to be 4%. The capitalisation rate is 20%. Calculate the value of the share of XYZ based on Gordon’s Model. (5 Marks)

3. International Business

Q1. A Mumbai based manufacturer of textile products is negotiating an export contract with a new prospective customer based in Mexico. He is concerned that international trade presents a spectrum of risk, involving differences in regulatory and legal environment, cultural differences, etc. More specifically, he is unsure of how he would receive the payment and the associated risks involved. As a specialist in the subject, you are required to guide him and help him resolve his dilemma regarding choice of payment instrument. (10 Marks)

Q2. A newly appointed General Manager of a domestically strong FMCG company feels that the next big growth thrust can only come from venturing into new international markets. Despite a strong domestic presence, the company is yet to foray into international markets. The CEO of the company, however, is not too convinced about the benefits of such a move, and is not too clear about the ways to enter an international market. Discuss and conclude whether entering international markets will be helpful? If yes, discuss the different ways for the company to enter international markets. (10 Marks)

Q3A) A globally renowned MNC, headquartered in the US and specializing in Children’s toys, has recently forayed into India. However, it has very soon realized that its marketing campaigns and product lines, which have been so successful in other parts of the world, are not working in India. Sales have stagnated and the company is finding it difficult to establish a significant presence in India. It has recently appointed you as General Manager to look into these issues and take the company forward. Could cultural intricacies in the Indian market be a reason behind this? (5 Marks)

Q3B) Suggest ways through which the company can turn around its fortunes in the Indian market. (5 Marks)

4. Operations Management

Q1. The traditional definition of Operations Management considers it to be a transformation system. Explain the transformation system of a restaurant of your choice.


Q2. There are several production systems adopted by firms. Critically evaluate each of the production systems.


Q3. S K Chand furniture manufacturers has provided the following data, units are Rs 1000.

a) Calculate the labour, raw materials and total productivity for the current year

b) Compare the labour, raw materials and total productivity values for the two years

5 Organisational Theory and Design

Q1. Areva is a big invertor and transformer manufacturer with more than 1200 employees .The Company is facing a big challenge of organizational effectiveness mainly due to fast changing market. The company appointed you as a consultant to overcome these challenges, the company is ready to do modifications without losing its existing employees. Provide an appropriate solution to the company (10 Marks)


Q2. Ms Nandita an MBA graduate from Stanford University joins her father’s company after coming back to India. It is a small organization which depends on Ms Mohan Kapoor’s (Nandita’s Father and Owner) and his team having three very senior people who joined the organization since inception. Now Nandita is having big expansion plan for the company but what she is missing in executing her expansion plan is culture. Explain why culture is very important, and what are the factors required for the formation of organizational culture. (10 Marks)


Q3. Mr. Nandan, a Sr. Manager in an IT company at Bangalore, is very clear that he wants only males, that too from Bangalore and nearby places, in his team. He said that we generally have to work late nights; hence managing female staff for late night work is difficult and people from Bangalore have better communication skills. But slowly he observed that his team is losing creativity, motivation and design thinking. Same gender in the same vicinity has a very limited scope of thinking out of the box. You are also a Sr. Manager in the same company with a diverse team having more fun and doing great on employee engagement and the team is performing extraordinarily. Your Boss wants you to convince Mr Nandan to go in for a diverse team.

Answer the following:

a) Identify various barriers in creating diverse workforce. ? (5 Marks)

b) Give points how you will convince Mr Nandan in favour of Diversity (5 Marks)

6. Taxation - Direct and Indirect

Q1. Dr Kabra is planning to visit Singapore to attend a round table conference on Neurological diseases. The conference is for 25 days. He wants to plan his tour in such a manner that his residential status for the relevant previous year remains unaffected. Discuss the charging section which governs the residential status of an Individual? Further, what conditions he has to satisfy in order to remain as Ordinary resident of India for the applicable assessment year. (10 Marks)


Q2. From Income Tax Preview, what factors every Company needs to consider while disbursement of Salary to its Employees? In case of general CTC structure, on which types of allowances management needs to consider tax imposition? Explain the same in light of provisions applicable to the allowances which are fully taxable. What if, an Individual receives salary from more than one employer during the same previous year, how the same will be assessed at the year end? Provide sufficient reasoning for your answer. (10 Marks)


Q3a) Apart from Normal Salary, House Rent, Income from Business / Profession and capital gain, what could be other differential sources of Income for an Individual from Income Tax Act point. of view. Conclude the same with relevant examples. (5 Marks)


Q3b) Mr. Pratik – a Corporate Employee lives in New Delhi and earns a basic salary of Rs. 30,000 per month. The HRA component of his salary is Rs. 15,000 but the actual rent paid by him is Rs. 10,000. How much exemption can he get? What steps Company Management will undertake for calculation of this HRA exemption amount? (5 Marks)

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