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3rd Semester PGDBM NMIMS Assignment Solution for December 2017

3rd Semester PGDBM NMIMS Assignment Solution for December 2017

NMIMS Assignment Solution

December 2017 NMIMS Batch

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1. Subject: Operations Management

Q1: What is the need of a good facility layout planning? Select any automotive company of your choice, and do a detailed study of its facility layout.


Q2: Discuss the transportation methods for solving physical distribution and transportation problems. Solve the following Transportation Problem and find the total transportation Cost.

Plants / Warehouses


























Q3: In October 2005, Walmart announced plans to transform itself into one of the greenest corporations in the world. Then-CEO Lee Scott called sustainability “essential to our future success as a retailer.” The company has been especially vocal about shrinking its environmental footprint in China, its manufacturing hub.

(Source: Andy Kroll, Are Walmart’s Chinese Factories as Bad as Apple’s? Mother Jones, March/April2012 issue)

a. Discuss the major environmental aspects of production and its impact.

b. What is environment protection act and how is it related to sustainability.


2. Subject: International Business

Q1: What do you understand by business ethics in International business. How can a firm maintain a balance and display international business ethics practices of highest order without compromising on profit maximization.


Q2: Can you classify Dell Vostro1740 laptop as a global product? What is the concept of a global product ? What are the different product strategies organizations can use and which strategy would you choose, say as marketing in charge at Dell.


Q3: A) Can a firm trade in every and all types of goods, products and services in international markets? Explain the concept of Export Restrictions. What is the difference between prohibited goods and restricted goods.

Q3: B) What are the common export/import documents required for those goods, products and services which are freely tradable. Why are these documents required in the first place? What are four ways to obtain export license ?

3. Subject: Organizational Theory Structure and Design

Q 1. A large IT company is currently going through a leadership crisis. The CEO has just resigned and the dispute between the board and the CEO has left the top management team rudderless and divided. You have been appointed as the interim CEO and are tasked with getting the top leadership team in the company back on focused on the company objectives. Analyze the political environment (make reasonable assumptions) and discuss the Power Structure that would be prevalent in the company and discuss your way forward.


Q 2. Rivigo is a young start up that is establishing itself in the surface transport business. The main USP is that they promise and have successfully delivered 97% “On Time” performance and 95% “Zero Damage to Goods” to the customer. They are now looking to scale up the business and you have been made in charge of the same. Analyze the different structures that are available to you and recommend a suitable organization structure given the business requirement


Q 3. Work culture and Diversity is a critical to the new age business. Discuss the following in the context of new age business like ecommerce business or a FM radio business.

a. Discuss how will you assess the current work culture in the company

b. Discuss the approaches to Managing Diversity

4. Subject: Corporate Finance

Question 1

Lakme India is planning to launch a new product as “Lakme fair Skin Natural Mousse – Hydrating”. The company is planning to import machinery costing Rs100 lacs from Japan. The expected life of the machinery will be 10 years. The selling price per unit will be Rs 1250 and variable cost per unit will be Rs850. Further the company will have to pay Rs25lacs as fixed cost per annum. The fixed cost includes Rs10 lacs as depreciation. The company expects to sale 150000 units of the produced per year. Tax rate applicable is 50 %. The management of the company wants to know the cash flow associated with the equipment, as the CEO of the company emphasis that it is necessary to evaluate capital budgeting decisions. Do you agree? Give reasons supporting your answer and determine the cash flow generated (that is profit after tax+ depreciation) by the equipment.


Question 2

If you want to run your business smoothly, you should be capable enough to manage the working capital requirements of the business in an efficient manner. “Several companies like Dabur, Dell computers, Cadbury India realized the need of maintain an adequate level of working capital. Further they also have to identify the different types of working capital needed in their business at different points of time”. This is the statement of CEO of M-Mart Ltd who is interviewing you for the position of finance manager. Do you agree with the statement of the CEO? Give reasons and conclude the same in an effective manner.


Question 3

Miss Kavvya is a successful entrepreneur of GEMS Pharma Ltd. The entrepreneur is looking to launch a new sunscreen cream in the market at a selling price of Rs275 per unit. The fixed cost determined for producing the product is Rs55700. The variable cost of producing the product is Rs165 per unit. Miss Kavvya wants to perform the cost volume profit analysis.

a) Discuss and explain the relevant tool, formula of CVP analysis applicable in the above mentioned case and how the cost will be broken down for performing such analysis.

b) If the sales are 800 units then what will be the profit generated by the business? What would be your advice, if the fixed cost is Rs95000 instead of Rs55700?

5. Subject: Consumer Behavior

Q1: You must have seen several advertisements of various brands of tooth paste in TV and Print Media, while some of these brands having endorsement of Dentist, or by Indian Dental Association (IDA). Discuss the ethical aspect of the endorsement by IDA or by a Dentist and secondly discuss how will this endorsement by IDA or by a Dentist impact the decision making process of customers to buy particular brand of toothpaste. (10 Marks)


Q2: Top Indian MNC pharmaceutical company as their strategy to expand their business base, they decided to enter Middle Eastern countries; looking in to their specific culture in these countries, how far this culture will act as a business barrier for the pharmaceutical products. (10 Marks)


Q3: Once upon a time Nokia was top cell phone brand in India it was known for its best quality, however the brand lost its ground in the Indian market completely;

a. What are the major possible reasons why Nokia lost the market grip suddenly and how they could have avoided this situation? Discuss the same. (5 Marks)

b. Assume that they want to re-enter Indian market once again, in that scenarios what are your top recommendations for Re-Entry to Indian market, Product Positioning, Pricing and Distribution.

6. Subject: Taxation – Direct and Indirect

Question 1

Mr. Chattur, is a citizen of Germany came to India as a tourist in the previous year 2016-17 and stayed in India for a period of 162 days. He liked the south east part of the country and decided to explore all the tourist places there so he stayed in India throughout the year 2015-16. However, in the year 2013-14, 2014-15 he visited India in two International Conferences and his period of stay was 26 days and 18 days respectively. Discuss in the light of the various applicable provisions of Income Tax Act

  • His residential status for AY2017-18 and the necessity to determine his residential status.


Question 2

Mr. Thakkar aged 38 years furnishes the following details with regard to his options exercised for tax planning purpose for the year ending as on 31.03.2017

a) Has taken Life insurance policy as on 30.4.2016 from Bajaj Alliance for a capital sum assured Rs.2.5 lacs, premium paid for the same Rs 75000

b) Contribution made by a bearer cheque towards Public Provident Fund account of his father Rs20000

c) Paid Rs85000 to a friend towards housing loan on a property taken, the property is situated at Ratlam.

d) Subscription to units of mutual fund referred under section 10(23D) for Rs130000.

e) Contribution made towards Public Provident Fund account of his spouse Rs90000.

He wants to know about the gross total amount which he can claim as deduction while computing his total income. Are there any provisions available under the Indian Income Tax Act for the same?If yes, then discuss how the relevant provision will be helpful, give adequate reasons supporting the answer and also calculate the amount eligible for deduction under section 80 C.


Question 3: The Assessing officer in the decided case (GE Energy Parts Inc vs. ADIT, ITAT Delhi) examined the taxability of income of GE Overseas under the Act as well as the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement. He did not accept the contention of the assessee that the sale consideration was not taxable in India as the title in respect of the equipment’s was transferred outside India and the payments were also received outside India. He held that a lot of activities relating to marketing and sales took place in India. Further, the negotiations of prices also took place in India. These facts, in the opinion of the AO, were clear indicators of the GE India securing orders for GE Overseas. He further found that GE Overseas, by remotely sitting in foreign countries, could not make any sales, without the active involvement of GE India. This was held to be a business connection of GE Overseas in India in terms of section 9 of the Act. The AO, therefore, held that all the profits did not accrue or arise to the assessee in the foreign soil, but part of such profits arising in India, corresponding to the activities carried out in India, was chargeable to tax under the Act. Such income accruing or arising was held to be liable to tax as per the provisions of section 5(2) of the Act. Simply put, the AO has made out a case that the GE overseas entities were having business connection under the Act as well as permanent establishment under the DTAA in India in all the years under consideration.


a) In the context of above mentioned cases, discuss what can be the objectives and importance of framing rules with respect to taxation of a business concern which operates in more than one nation from taxation perspective?

b) Elaborate, why the assessing officer is of the contention to treat GE India as a permanent establishment in the given case?

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