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2nd Semester NMIMS Assignment Solution for December 2017

2nd Semester NMIMS Assignment Solution for December 2017

NMIMS Assignment Solution

December 2017 NMIMS Batch

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1. Subject: Marketing Management

Q1. Assume that you are going to start a restaurant targeting young customers. What will be the various elements of Marketing Mix with respect to the restaurant? Elucidate.

Q2. Suppose that you are planning to buy a new mobile phone for yourself. What factors are likely to influence your buying behavior while buying a mobile phone? Explain.

Q3. In recent past, teenagers girls in India have become highly beauty conscious. XYZ Limited is planning to introduce a first of its kind beauty cream ‘Soft & Sweet’ targeting teenager girl of affluent class. The cream would be available in different variants as per the skin type such as neutral skin, oily skin, rough skin etc. The product would be sold only from the premium cosmetic stores and through company website across the country. Assume that you are responsible for designing the marketing strategies for ‘Soft & Sweet’.
a) Design a segmentation plan for ‘Soft & Sweet’. (5 Marks)
b) Design the appropriate market entry strategies for ‘Soft & Sweet’. (5 Marks)

2. Subject: Financial Accounting and Analysis

Q1. Mr. Berrybell wants to assess the ability of an enterprise named Anyway, so as to confirm whether the enterprise is capable to generate sufficient cash flows or not. Anyway submits the following information for the year ended 31 March2017.

Particulars                                                                              (Rs. In lacs)

Shares issued during the year                                                    5

Capital assets purchased                                                              1.5

proceed from sale of an asset                                                    2

Dividend declared and paid                                                       1

Increase in debtors                                                                        1.5

loss on sale of asset                                                                        0.2

net income before taxes                                                              8.8

Depreciation & Amortisation                                                    3.8

Discuss the relevance of preparing the cash flow statement. Indicate and comment on the following

  • Cash from operation
  • Cash from investing activities
  • Cash from financing activities
  • Closing balance




Q2. You are being appointed as the accounts executive of Jayesh Motiwala & Company. The principal business of the company is dealing in pearl ornaments at its retail outlet in Jaipur. The management is unaware about the relevance of accounting standard applicable while accounting for the business. Your responsibility is to convince them to comply with the Accounting Standards, by giving a brief presentation on the objectives behind complying with the accounting standard and the benefits to the enterprise by following the same. (10 Marks)



Q3. The following is the Balance Sheet of Caterpillar Ltd as on 31st March 2017

Equity share capital


Fixed assets


preference share capital




Reserves & Surplus






cash & Bank


outstanding liabilities









Ascertain -

a) Current ratio and liquid ratio. What if the industry average for the same is 2 and 1 respectively.

b) Capital gearing ratio and interpret the same.

3. Subject: Essentials of HRM

Question 1: Ajay has not been performing well in accounts department due to the new system on GST has been implemented in the organisation. He is lagging behind in the concepts of GST as well as his communication skills are not as expected. The accounts head of the organisation believes in the institution of training and wants to send Ajay for the same. Introduce the concept of training by commenting on the above proclamations. Also, discuss the factors influencing the effectiveness of training. Conclude your answer in a brief way by focusing on the importance of training for any organisation (10 Marks)

Question 2: In reference to the above case explain various kinds of On the Job and Off the Job training methods that can be provided to Mr. Ajay? Also, give concluding remarks by choosing the best method suited in the above scenario? (10 Marks)

Question 3: Over the years Ajay attended many trainings as well as development programs and really honed his skills. Evaluating his performance over the past few years the department has really been proud of his achievements and he has been identified as key successor in his department.
a) Write down the objectives of succession planning which Ajay’s organisation wants to achieve? (5 Marks)
b) Though succession planning has many positive aspects but there are some flip sides to it, explain what could be the demerits of it (succession planning). Conclude by sharing few lines on the failure of succession planning of any organisation. (5 Marks)

4. Subject: Strategic Management

Q.1) You are the head of a strategic business unit under ABC Business Group. The Unit is engaged into manufacturing of telecommunication handsets. You are planning to change the strategy at business level and you have chosen ‘product differentiation’ as your strategy. You want the board of directors to approve your decision for which you will have to make a strong case for choosing this strategy. Explain how you will convince the board of directors. (10 Marks)

Q.2) You are the strategy consultant to fortune 500 companies and you are asked to conduct a training session for executives of a leading automobile company which is planning to expand its business in international market. This company is based in India. Explain how you will convince the trainees that the global environment is highly complex. (10 Marks)

Q.3) You are a CEO of a XYZ Pvt Ltd, a leading FMCG company headquartered in Germany. Your company is planning its expansion in Asia and you are now involved in rigorous analysis of competition in FMCG sector in Asia. In this background, answer the following questions.
a) Use Michael Porter’s Framework for analyzing competitors (5 Marks)
b) How would you analyze competitor’s assumptions?

5. Subject: Business Statistics

1. The sample data from a research survey conducted in various countries on the amount of time 3-5 year-old children spent alone with their fathers each day is as follows:

Country                               Time with Dad (minutes)

Bangladesh                                        30

Bhutan                                                 46

China                                                    54

Nepal                                                    50

Pakistan                                              46

Nigeria                                                 42

Korea                                                    46

Russia                                                   42

India                                                     50

For the above sample, determine the following measures:

a. The mean

b. The standard deviation

c. The mode

d. The 75th percentile

Based on your calculations comment on the father-children relationship (10 Marks)


2. ‘Prince’ a chaiwala at Mumbai Central station believes that the sales of tea at his tea shop depends upon the weather. He has taken a sample of a week’s data. Below you are given the results of the sample.

Cups Sold                               Temperature

350                                                        50

200                                                        60

210                                                        70

100                                                        80

80                                                           90

70                                                           100

50                                                           110

a. Which variable is the dependent variable?

b. Compute the least squares estimated line.

c. Is there a significant relationship between the sales of coffee and temperature?

e. Predict sales of a 95 degree day.


3. According to one of the recent study published in an International report, the cost of medical malpractice in the United States is USD 55.6 billion a year, which is approximately 2.4 percent of US annual health-care spending. An earlier research report published in 2011, in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that, during the period 1991 to 2005, 7.4 percent of all physicians licensed in the US had a malpractice claim. These staggering numbers not only contribute to the high cost of health care, but the size of successful malpractice claims also contributes to high premiums for medical malpractice insurance. The table below contains a sample of data set of claim payments made in a year’s time and other information about the claimant.

Amount (in USD)


Marital Status

Insurance type




















Workers compensation




















No insurance








a. Using descriptive statistics explore claim payment amounts, and identify factors that appear to influence the amount of the payment.

b. Do a correlation analysis between ‘Amount’ and ‘Age’ and interpreted the coefficient of correlation. 


6. Subject: Business Law

Q1: ‘A’ orders a phone online as Cash on Delivery mode, but denies to accept the product at the time of delivery. In such a situation, discuss the eligibility points of becoming an Unpaid Seller? Discuss the privileges of unpaid seller when the property in goods is transferred to the buyer. (10 Marks)


Q2: A booked a flat in Sunpark Apartment at Mumbai. ‘A’ is ready to shift with his family in the flat which he has purchased. However, B has the possession of that flat where he specifies that he has purchased this flat. To avoid the dispute and conflicts, ‘A’ files an RTI to seek proper information. Explain the objective as well as structures involved in Right to information. (10 Marks)


Q3: A) ‘X’ contracts with ‘Y’ to purchase 30 chairs of a particular brand called make and type. ‘Y’ delivers 15 chairs of that quality and 15 chairs of some other make and quality brand . In what way we can advice ‘X’. (5 Marks)

Q3: B) ‘P’ delivers to ‘Q’, a carrier, some explosives without informing the same to ‘Q’. no additional care is taken by ‘Q’ for handling such goods. In the absence of the disclosure, the explosives explode and cause damage to the other goods and  also injure a person. Whether ‘P’ is liable?

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