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3rd Sem Marketing Management - NMIMS June 17

3rd Sem Marketing Management - NMIMS June 17

3rd Sem NMIMS Solved Assignments June 17

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1. Subject: Brand Management

Case Study M/s Day & Night deals with selling LED Lights in the Indian Market. The company has never done any advertisement in the past. The company is known for the quality products. The company has launched many innovative lighting solutions for the consumers. The company is giving 30% discount on products to promote LED Lighting. The company will give direct competition to SYSKA and other companies in the Indian Market. Mr. Sharma the head of Marketing and Sales appoints you as a Brand Manager and has given you the following task: Q1. Prepare at least two Brand logo (Day & Night) for the company so that selection can be easy. Explain each logo with description about it. Also, identify the three celebrities for the brand with reason for their selection. (10 Marks) Q2. Explain in detail Kotler’s five level of product for the LED Lights. You can assume the features for explaining the answer. (10 Marks) Q3. With reference to the above case; a) What are the five brand personality traits and which one personality trait will best suit the Day & Night Brand? Explain with reason. (5 Marks) b) What will be the Central (Inner) and Peripheral (Outer) Identity for the Day & Night Brand? (5 Marks)

2. Subject - Consumer Behaviour

1. Family plays an important role in consumer decision making process. William Wells and George Gubarhas proposed eight stages to describe family life cycle. As a management trainee you have been asked to identify two product brands for each family life cycle stages. Also, elaborate the same with detailed explanation and reason. (10 Marks) 2. Thailand based, internationally known "Glamour" Cosmetics Company showing interest in entering Indian market, you as their head of marketing explain how understanding the local culture (Indian Culture) plays a crucial role in launching new brand in a new market. The company is having a strong presence in many countries. The company targets female in the age group of 18 to 30 years. The company has Hollywood stars promoting this brand. (10 Marks) 3. One of the well-known Indian branded clothing designer company would like to expand their business through entering international market into SE Asian country like Singapore or Thailand , you as a head of International Marketing consultant: a) What kind of market research you would like to conduct and why? Give your logical explanation (5 Marks) b) Prepare an questionnaire to conduct market survey to gather primary data from the market (5 Marks)

3. Subject - Customer Relationship Management

Q1. In the wake of a major drop in Sales for Volkswagen post the cheating conspiracy, consultants are suggesting them to go for CRM in order to boost their sales. But they are skeptical about the same and don't know how will it help them. Can you guide them on the same (10 Marks) Q2. Indian Hotels Ltd. wants to set up CRM across their properties in India. But seeing the failure of the same at Courtyard by Marriot are now worried about the same happening with them too. Another of their worries is not knowing the precautions to be kept in mind while setting up one and how can they reap maximum benefits from it. Can you help them on the same (10 Marks) Q3. Read and Analyze the below given case and answer the questions at the end of it Traditional 'low price' and 'reliable service' mechanics are no longer as effective at driving customer loyalty as they used to be, and organisations that stick to traditional approaches and don't explore the new drivers influencing loyalty risk draining profitability and pushing customers away, a new study by consulting firm Accenture Strategy said. "It's time for organisations to take a fresh look at loyalty… they are wasting billions every year on customer loyalty programmes that don't create impact like they used to," according to the study. With millions of loyalty points sitting dormant and 85% Indian consumers retracting loyalty at profit-crushing rates, organisations must pay attention to new factors driving customer loyalty in the digital age or risk losing customers for good, Accenture said. The report, called 'Seeing beyond the loyalty illusion', gauges the experiences and attitudes of 25,426 consumers around the world, including 562 Indian consumers, about their loyalty relationship with brands and organisations. According to Accenture, the report found that 86% Indian consumers have switched providers over the past year, while 43% confirmed that their expectations from brand loyalty have 'completely changed' Accenture India said: "New 'languages of loyalty have emerged, driven by brands experimenting with creative digital experiences, which have changed the dynamics of customer loyalty today." Among Indian consumers, 33% have a negative or non-existent reaction when brands try to earn their loyalty, while a 25% think brands should do everything possible to earn their loyalty, the study adds. a. Based on the results of this study, according to you why firms are not able to sustain customers in spite of spending billions? (5 Marks) b. What should they do in order to satisfy and maintain loyal customers? (5 Marks)

4. Subject - International Marketing

1. Critically evaluate the importance given to packaging in International Marketing? Illustrate your answer with 2-3 examples. (10 Marks) 2. "Market Research is an important tool in International Marketing, which is often ignored during expansion plan". Do you agree/disagree with the statement and why? (10 Marks) 3. The challenges in International Marketing are increasing with restriction imposed thru artificial barriers. How as an Export manager, you will handle the following conditions: a. If Anti-Dumping duties are imposed on your product. (5 Marks) b. If subsidies are provided to the domestic manufacturer. (5 marks)

5. Subject - Marketing Strategy

Q1. A famous European Car Manufacturer wants to enter the Indian Market but is confused whether it's a good sector for them to enter or not. They want to analyze the Indian Automobile Market using Porter's 5 Forces Model. Can you help them with the same? (10 Marks) Q2. now wants to enter India full-fledged very soon. For this reason, they want to first analyze the market before taking such a big step. Can you help them by conducting a PESTEL Analysis of the Indian Market for them? (10 Marks) Q3. a. PVR now plans to take its PVR Talkies model to more small towns and tier III cities. But it is confused about the pricing strategy to follow. Can you guide them about the same? (5 Marks) Q3. b. With JIO now planning to charge its subscribers from 1st April'2017, they feel that they should analyze their current status before planning their strategies ahead. Can you help them conduct a SWOT analysis for the same? (5 Marks)

6. Subject - Sales Management

Q1. One of the small Indian company engaged in new product development in the area of surgical instrumentation which are highly specialized. However company is not having strength in the area of manufacturing, Sales & Marketing. You being their Sales & Marketing external consultant, give your recommendations how their products can be marketed and sold in the Indian market. (10 Marks) Q2. Indian company engaged in the field of manufacturing of Automobile spare parts who are interested in expanding their business portfolio with new products in the same segment. You being their head of Sales & Marketing, what are your recommendations for new products and also how you are going to expand your sales force. Explain your recommendations with logical reasons. (10 Marks) Q3. One of the largest Indian company engaged in building materials manufacturing would like to go for forward integration of their business what are your recommendations as CEO of the company to achieve the company's objective: a. Which will be probable area of entry for forward integration of the business keeping in mind the current business they are into? ( 5 Marks) b. Do you recommend green field project or acquiring route for forward integration? Explain with logical reasons. ( 5 Marks)

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