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Corporate Finance-NMIMS-June-17

Corporate Finance-NMIMS-June-17

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Question 1

Mr. Grover wants to invest Rs 50lacs in order to expand his business. He explored three to five options to invest in. Discuss-

  • Is there any significance of implementing capital budgeting.
  • Capital budgeting as a process.

(10 Marks)


Question 2: In the financial market, shares and debentures are recognized as the long term sources of finance. But there are certain points which define how different these instruments are. Elaborate.  (10 Marks)


Question 3

a)            A company produces and sells 12500 units of Commodity X at Rs 50 each. The variable cost of the production is 20 % of selling price. Fixed cost being Rs 100000 per annum. Calculate the PV ratio and BEP if (5 Marks)

  • The selling price is reduced by 5 %.
  • Fixed cost is increased by 2 lacs


b)            A fruit dealer sells 32000 boxes of strawberries during the year. The cost of placing an order is Rs 50 and each box of strawberry costs Rs100. The cost of carrying the inventories is 20%. You are required to find out the economic order quantity.

(5 Marks)

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