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Services Marketing-NMIMS-June-17

Services Marketing-NMIMS-June-17

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Q1. A reputed pizza company wants to make its foray in launching burgers. You have been appointed as a Marketing Manager & have to develop the 7 P's of Marketing. What will you do so as to create a USP? Also what will be the advertising strategy for the same?
Note: Assumptions should be supported with relevant justification (10 Marks)
Q2. Develop a Service Blue print with the diagram for any organisation in organized retail industry (10 Marks)
Q3. Read the following Case & solve the questions given:
Amol booked a table in a restaurant for 12 people at the beginning of the Diwali period to celebrate the festive season with his family and friends. He had been a regular visitor to Moti Restaurant and had developed loyalty for this place famous for South Indian food. Most of his friends were from the South, so he preferred to treat them at Moti. Another reason for his selection was that the patron of Moti, Raj Kumar knew him well. Since he was regular visitor, he was quite confident that this dinner would be a success. Three days before the scheduled get-together dinner Amol spoke to Raj Kumar and asked him to increase the booking to 16. He looked busy but informed Amol it would be quite in order and he looked forward to seeing Amol and party later that week. As per programme's, all Amol's friends met at his residence at 7.00 p.m. on the appointed day and after having a cup of coffee left for Moti to be there at the schedule time of 8.30 p.m. They were all relaxed and exchanged jokes on their way and reached the restaurant at 8.20 p.m. With slight difficulty, they located parking place at three different locations for the four cars in which they were traveling. The guests arrived at the restaurant on time and Amol was taken aback to find that the table has been set only for 12 persons. Raj Kumar came over seeing a large group gathered around the small table laid in one comer of the dining room. Amol reminded Raj Kumar of his earlier conversation which he had with him three days ago. He asked him to recollect that the booking had been increased from 12 to 16, and suggested that it may be an oversight that he had forgotten to set the table for 16 people. Amol then asked him to reset the table immediately for 16 people to avoid any embarrassment to him and his guest. To Amol's great amazement and embarrassment Raj Kumar denied that Amol has asked for a booking for 16 people. He, rather, told Amol that he had not phoned him at all this week to make amendments in the booking. "You must have been mistaken" said Raj Kumar. Amol tried to make him admit his mistake but Raj Kumar was too rigid and continued to take a stand that he had not received any such call and that the booking was for 12 people only. The restaurant was full and Amol asked Raj Kumar to resolve the matter as his guests had been standing for more than ten minutes. Raj Kumar expressed his helplessness and said there was nothing he could do at the moment. At such time, Amol knew that there was nowhere else they could go at this time. Amol and his wife along with another couple opted to wait and let 12 members of the group seat themselves. It was after a long wait that they could be accommodated with the group. This could happen only when the guests sitting next to them left after their meal. All of them settled for the dinner but discussions mostly centered around the service provided by the restaurant. At the end of the dinner Amol checked the bill and did not leave any tip for the waiters. Before leaving the restaurant, Amol met Raj Kumar in private and explained him that he would not be visiting him again. Raj Kumar admitted that he may have been hasty but thought Amol was being unreasonable as it was his busiest evening and he could make allowances. Amol never visited the restaurant again and his friends too stayed away. They narrated this incident to many people.
a. What according to you are the causes of poor delivery in this case? (5 Marks)
b. What steps could have been taken to rectify the situation as a service recovery strategy? (5 Marks)

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