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Information System for Managers-NMIMS-2017

Information System for Managers-NMIMS-2017

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1. Businesses are trying to get closer to the customer by using information and communication technology (ICT) so that they can create long-term relationships and gain more knowledge from and about the customers. The airline industry is no exception to this. It has reached a crossroad. While on one hand fuel and labour costs continue to be key issues, the phenomenal growth in passenger traffic has created new opportunities for growth. With the help of an example from the airlines industry such as Emirates, explain how airlines use customer relationship management (CRM) for improving their customer service?

2. Discuss the role of information systems in managing the supply chain of an organization with the help of an example from the retail industry.

3. A) The e-commerce giants in India offer exclusive sales during the festive season and have people visiting their websites in huge numbers such that they run out of stocks for a few coveted products in just a few minutes. Keeping in mind the traffic volume that visits these websites, each e-tailer wants to ensure the performance of the system is not compromised on at any cost, the transactions are safe and secure and customers are attracted to the new design layout for the festive design. As a developer of such a system, what tests will you perform during SDLC, to ensure the smooth functioning of these websites?

3.B) Maggster Co., a publishing house is making a transition to using an enterprise-wide system, an ERP software, to streamline the operations. You have been appointed as a consultant to Maggster, how will you try to ensure smooth implementation of such an ERP software?

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