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Organisational Theory Structure Design-NMIMS Dec-16

Organisational Theory Structure Design-NMIMS Dec-16

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Q1. Madhav and Mira work in a Private Bank. Both were selected through campus recruitment. They are of same age and have joined together therefore both of them handle the same clients. Madhav does not agree on the products which Mira pitches to the clients and vice versa. This has created rifts and conflicts between them, at times even in front of the clients. Ramesh is their reporting authority and is thinking of ways to intervene and resolve their conflict. Discuss the various approaches that can be used for resolving conflict between Madhav and Mira. (10 Marks)


Q2. Patanjali is the new found love of people who believe more in ayurvedic and organic products. Based on the data available in the open sources do an internal environmental and organisational analysis. (You can take the data from the open sources but the analysis is to be done in your own words) (10 Marks)


Q3. Case Study: Foodie Hub

Foodie Hub is the famous food chain which has its outlet in all the metro cities. It has been running successfully since many years. The employee strength is around 700 in total across all the outlets. There management is a lot like that of a bureaucratic organisation where lots of hierarchical levels are followed. Even for a small requisition you have to be dependent on your superiors. There is no delegation of authority and the employees are not even empowered to take any decision at their own level. Employees have started leaving the organisation and the absenteeism is also very high. The management hires Atul as a consultant to help them solve this concern

Case Questions

3a) what would be the ideal organizational design for a company like Foodie Hub (5 Marks)

3b) What steps should Atul take to restructure the organisation? (5 Marks)

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