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Essentials of HRM-NMIMS Solved Assignments-Sep16

Essentials of HRM-NMIMS Solved Assignments-Sep16

Q1. Ananya has been recently appointed as the HR manager of XYZ BPO. A few days of working at the organization, she observes the attrition rate (of the employees) is high and takes it upon her to investigate the reasons for the same. Her initial enquiry reveals that the company did not have a proper induction and orientation policies / programs in place which led to a feeling of alienation among the employees. How do you think Ananya must convince the importance / need for the induction & Orientation program to the upper management? (10 Marks)


Q2. What is the career anchor of an entrepreneur? Please discuss two more career anchors with proper examples? (10 Marks)


Q3. Mumbai – based Apparel company Latest Fashions is, in many respects, a typical company: it has all the functions a business of 550+ staff expects to have: finance, marketing, PR, etc., except an HR department.The Chief Executive Anay Singh says, line manages don’t do everything. ‘Records are centralized. We do have someone who keeps them. But anyone can do filling. However, when it comes to sorting out a fellow’s problems, he has to go to his line manager. His manager will know who he is. If I had a workplace problem. I’d want to talk to the person who managed me every day, and who is most likely to understand what’s going on. Anay adds that individual managers also tend to keep in touch with staff when they leave and handle recruitment. When you do appraisals the line manger needs to know everything – for instance, if someone’s turning up late, why is that? Are they having marital problems? And when something goes wrong, the line manager has to deal with it rather than just passing it off into HR. Anay also believes that HR can add unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and form filling to an organization. ‘I spent 20 years working in companies with big personnel departments and it could get a bit like social services, ‘he says. ‘They were more interested in following procedures than they were with getting things done for people. We live in a bureaucratic age and maybe my view is a bit Victorian. But I believe it’s the way to go.’

Case study questions:

a) What do you think are the advantage and disadvantage of Anay Singh’s decision not to have an HR department? (5 Marks)

b) What arguments would you put forward to persuade Chief Anay Singh that having an HR department would be better for the company? (5 Marks)

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