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Retail Banking-NMIMS Solved Assignments-Sep16

Retail Banking-NMIMS Solved Assignments-Sep16

Retail Banking for NMIMS

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Q1. Consider you are the branch manager of ABC Bank. There is an increase in the non-performing assets of your branch due to which your promotion has got stalled. As a manager, what are the different ways in which you will manage the loan portfolio of the branch, to decrease the default risk? (10 Marks)


Q2. A bank has recently started its operations in Surat. You are appointed as the manager of the bank and have been assigned with the responsibility of increasing the customer database within one year. How would you ensure that you meet this responsibility? (10 Marks)


3. Suggest suitable solution for both the scenarios mentioned below:

a) Anita wanted to save some money for her future but she did not have lumpsum to deposit in the bank but instead she could make small investments regularly. Suggest suitable investment policy for her. (5 Marks)

b) Alok was a businessman and had requirement of funds in the future but was not sure of the exact time as well as the amount as that would be depending on the demand of the product in the market. As the finance manager of Alok’s business, suggest suitable type of borrowing from the bank. (5 Marks)


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