Decision Analysis and Modeling-1st-2016-NMIMS

Decision Analysis and Modeling-1st-2016-NMIMS
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Q1. A bakery shop has data for demand of bread for the last 52 weeks. You are required to simulate the demand for the next 10 weeks using Monte Carlo technique. Show the steps with example. (10 marks)

Q2. Maximize: Z = 4 X1 + 5 X2 + 3 X3
subject to
X1 + X2 + 2X3 >= 20
15 X1 + 6 X2 - 5 X3 <= 50
X1 + 3 X2 + 5 X3 <= 30
X1 >=0, X2 >=0, X3 >=0.
Show using Simplex Method that the given problem does not have any feasible solutions. (10 marks)

Q3a). Explain Pareto analysis with an example. (5 marks)
Q3b). Explain logistic regression with an example. (5 marks)
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