Retail Banking--1st-2016-NMIMS

Retail Banking--1st-2016-NMIMS
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1. Discuss the types of risk faced by banks. What steps should banks take to counter cases of risks of default in Loans, e-frauds, technological changes, etc (10 Marks)

2. Explain very briefly the concept of globalization with respect to banking scenario. Do you think globalization has proved beneficial to customers, by giving reasons for your viewpoint? Also has the advent of private MNC banks had a negative effect on the cooperative banking in India? Give your reasons for the same. (10 Marks)

3. Banking like most industries today has become fiercely competitive. As a result Banks have employed various marketing methods to attract customers. In such scenarios, sometimes they end up being too aggressive in reaching out to customers that they may end up losing the customers as well as face values. Give your views on the following aspects of marketing strategies employed by the banks

a) Do you think that cold calls/ marketing call made by call centres to get customers has set a bad trend as well as irritating to the customers? What can the banks do to avoid troubling the customers as well as attract them at the same time? (5 Marks)

b) Recently many banking operations are being offered through mobile applications. This may definitely be a good trend towards customer convenience for tech savvy customers. But what should the banks do for the conveniences like these for customers who are not technologically savvy (with some customer finding it difficult to even operate ATM kiosks) (5 Marks )
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