Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI-1st-2016-NMIMS

Commercial Banking System and Role of RBI-1st-2016-NMIMS
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Q1. Monitoring of advances should be done in pre disbursal stage and post disbursal stage to avoid loans becoming NPA. King Fisher Airlines owes 7000 crores to 18 banks/financial institution and the loan has been classified as NPA. What went wrong? Discuss from the angle of pre sanction appraisal and post sanction monitoring. (Marks 10)

Q2. Under ALM , the liquidity position of a bank is measured on an ongoing basis using structural liquidity statement. Below is the structural liquidity statement of a bank. Calculate cumulative surplus or deficit of funds as a % of total outflow. (Gap, cumulative Gap and % of Gap on Total outflow)

Residual Maturity profile of assets and liabilities (Maturity ladder)

Q3. Calculate Working capital with the given details
a) By Operating Cycle Method (5 marks)
Data given:
• Procurement of raw material: 30 days
• Conversion/process time: 20 days
• Average time of holding of finished goods: 10 days
• Average collection period : 60 days
• Total operating expenses per annum : Rs.60 lacs
• Total turnover per annum : Rs.70 lacs
b) By Drawing Power Method. (5 marks)
Data given:
• Value of paid stock = 4 lacs
• Margin on stock = 25%
• Value of Semi-finished goods = 4 lakhs
• Margin on semi finished goods = 50%
• Value of Finished goods = 4 lakhs
• Margin on finished goods = 25%
• Value of Book Debts = 4 lakhs
• Margin on book debts = 50%
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