Logistics Management-1st-2016-NMIMS

Logistics Management-1st-2016-NMIMS
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Q1. With majority of the products and services available online to the consumers today, organizations are facing the issues of addressing the needs of making the correct products and services available to the consumers in a timely manner. Give examples of any two first mile logistics provider startups that have helped organizations address these issues. (10 marks)
Q2. With the help of the following decision domains of location, warehousing, inventory and transportation explain how any one Indian organization (e.g. Big Bazzar, Shoppers Stop or any other) manages its logistics operations. (10 marks)
3. M&M is a top retailer in India. With its rapid inventory turnaround time, its existing paperbased manual system proved to be cumbersome as volume increased in the company’s distribution centers. Workers charged with data collection filled numerous orders per day at a fast pace, which increased the risk of human error very early in the supply chain. Sales managers also rushed between offices and distribution centers to check stock/delivery status, taking their focus away from sales and customer service. And warehouse controllers spent extra time on manual book-keeping to ensure data accuracy. The company recognized the direct impact these inefficient business processes were having on sales, customer service and productivity. As a result, M&M invested and improved their warehouse management system using mobile computing technology.
a. What are the advantages that a company can accrue with the installation of mobile computing devices? (5 marks)
b. What are the benefits of Warehouse management systems? (5 marks)
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