Operations Management-2ndSet-1st-2016-NMIMS

Operations Management-2ndSet-1st-2016-NMIMS
Operations Management-2nd Set
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Q1. Discuss the various Legal and Environmental Issues faced by the well-known Tata Motors with reference to their plant set up in West Bengal. What Tata Motors or any such company should have done to avoid such issues.
Q2. Discuss in brief the various technique to achieve Total Quality management. Also discuss how will the concepts of Six Sigma and 5-S methodology be applicable and implemented in a Hospital/ Medical facility. Discuss with an example if any possible.
Q3. ABC Ltd is a startup venture by a few young entrepreneurs. They want to start a mobile food van to be located outside/ near a school/ college. They have decided to start the setup in a customized vehicle of a size similar to that of a mini truck. As a management consultant, please advice them on the following queries that they have.
a) What should be their typical menu on offer be? Give reasons. (Consider that the items on offer should not be too many considering that only 3-4 people will be managing the business). Give an approximate bill of material for the items listed on the menu. (5 marks)
b) Should they be offering the item with an option of (i) being served on the spot and/ or (ii) in pre-packed form and also at what times would the same be on offer. Discuss this with reference to any inventory model concept that you must have studied. (5 marks)
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