Business Ethics Governance and Risk-1st-2016-NMIMS

Business Ethics Governance and Risk-1st-2016-NMIMS
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Q1. Mr. Abhay Sharma, M.D. Fresh Drinks Ltd., was looking at the “AD Punchline” created by his product manager Robin Singh. He was taken aback by the claim that their new product “Vital-mix” energy drink is “The finest fitness plan for health – real fruit and no sugar.” Robin Singh, the product manager, was little uneasy when asked by his M.D. as to how we can claim “Finest health plan drink” when they know that there are preservatives and permissive food colours. Robin defended by saying that all cream and cosmetics advertisements, also make similar claims as a way of communicating dominance of their brands. What ethical advice you will give to Mr. Abhay Sharma to develop a persuasive advertisement, without compromising on the ethical aspects of commercial advertising? (10 Marks)
Q2. Avantika, a top graduate from Georgetown in Social Sciences, has applied to Swirl Shades Ltd. for a management position. The CEO was questioned by other panel members after the interview regarding the necessity to hire Avantika, as she is a black woman with unpleasant personality. But because of her outstanding academic records, the CEO wants to select her. Do you think it is ethical to hire Avantika? Why or Why not?
Q3. Rohit Taneja was a human resource manager reporting to the President of Human Resource Management, of a multinational company. One of his tasks was to administer the psychometric test and maintain the assessment profiles of all senior executives. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors decided to start the succession planning process and hence requested for a summarized profile on each senior executive. Rohit Taneja asked the consulting firm who had carried out the original assessment to prepare the summary as it would help to avoid misinterpretation. The consulting firm prepared the summaries and sent them to the President of Human Resource Management for review. The president handed them to Rohit Taneja, who was to compile and prepare the final report for the Executive Committee. But, the next week, some revised summaries came from the President. He had made major changes to the consultants’ summaries. On one summary, for example, the President had altered “high potential” to “low potential”. Rohit was shocked at the changes. The modifications violated his sense of ethics, but he was frightened that by questioning them, his job and future can get in trouble.
a) What would you have done if you were Rohit? Why? (5 Marks)
b) If the employees get to know about the entire case what would be its impact on the organization and its employees? (5 Marks)
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