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Financial Institutions and Markets-1-2015

Financial Institutions and Markets-1-2015

Financial Institutions and Markets


Q1: On December 31, 2005, Company A and Company B enter into a five year swap with the following terms:

Company A pays company B an fixed amount equal to 6% per annum on a notional principal of $30 million.

Company B pays company A an amount equal to one year LIBOR+1% per annum on a notional principal of $30 million.

Show the notional cash flow between the parties for next 5 years if LIBOR is

December'2006- 4.8%

December'2007- 5.3%

December'2008- 4.5%

December'2009- 3.8%

December'2010- 4.6%


Q2: Suppose an investor initially pays Rs 7000 towards the purchase of Rs.10,000 worth of stock (Rs. 100 shares at Rs. 100 per share), borrowing the remaining from the broker. The maintenance margin is set to be 30%. The initial percentage margin is 70%. Calculate the percentage margin in each case and also mention will the investor get a margin call if:

a) If the price of the stock falls to Rs. 40

b) If the price of the stock falls to Rs 41

c) If the price of the stock falls to Rs. 42

What will happen if the investor fails to provide the required funds on time.

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