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Essentials of HRM-1-2015

Essentials of HRM-1-2015

Question 1: What are the modern sources and techniques of recruitment? Give industry examples.


Question 2: Select a job of your choice and write Job Description & Job Specification for it.

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1 x IMT-01: Management Process and Organization-2014
1 x IMT-12: Human Resource Management-2014
1 x IMT-97: Mobile Platforms Security-2014
1 x CAM-Computer Aided Management-2014
1 x NLU-07: Informational Technology Management-14
1 x IMT-59: Financial Management-2014
1 x IMT-93: Different Types of Attacks-2014
1 x IMT-60: Training And Development-2014
1 x IMT-74: Managing Human Resource in Global Environment-2014
1 x IMT-102: Database Adminitration-2014
1 x IMT-41: Indian Financial Services-2014
1 x IMT-36: Java Programming-2014
1 x IMT-58: Management Accounting-2014
1 x IMT-57: Financial Accounting-2014
1 x IMT-05: Advertisement and Sales Promotion-2014
1 x IMT-17: International Marketing-2014
1 x IMT-61: Corporate Finance-2014
1 x NLU-04: E-Banking n Electronic Payment System-14
1 x NLU-08: CyberCrimesComputerForensicsAndDigitalEvidence-14
1 x IMT-86: International financial management-2014
1 x IMT-77: E-Business-2016
1 x IMT-101: Networking and Telecom Management-16
1 x IMT-62: Strategic HRD-2014
1 x IMT-09: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management-2014
1 x NLU-03: Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Environment-I-14
1 x IMT-72: Rural Marketing-2014
1 x IMT-54: Business Law-2014
1 x IMT-75: Brand Management-2014
1 x IMT-96: Software Hacking-2014
1 x IMT-14: Organization Structure and Behaviour-2014
1 x IMT-49: Business Ethics-2014
1 x NLU-05: Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Environment-II-M
1 x IMT-91: Basics of Security-2014
1 x IMT-20: Managerial Economics-2014
1 x IMT-95: Security Solutions-2014
1 x IMT-48: DOT Net Programming-2014
1 x IMT-15: Production and Operations Management-2014
1 x IMT-18: Export Finance and Documentation-2014
1 x IMT-10: Business Communication-2014
1 x IMT-07: Working Capital Management-2014
1 x IMT-65: MIS-Management Information Systems-2014
1 x IMT-98: System Forensics-2014
1 x IMT-16: International Trade-2014
1 x IMT-63: Group Dynamics and Managing Change-2014
1 x IMT-11: Managing People-2014
1 x NLU-06: IT Act and Internet Governance-MT1-14
1 x IMT-92: Network Security-2014
1 x IMT-40: Marketing management-2014
1 x IMT-13: Management Union Relation-2014
1 x IMT-100: Software Project Management-2014
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