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Information Systems for Managers-1-2015

Information Systems for Managers-1-2015

Question 1: ABC Corp. is the pioneer in manufacturing ceramic tiles. Mr. Gohil is the project manager at ABC Corp. He is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of an ERP package for the organization. What are the challenges that he may come across in the process of meeting his desired goal and how would he ensure that the implementation goes smooth, costs are saved rather than wasted?


Question 2: With the proliferation of social media, sophisticated information systems organizations are constantly monitoring their consumers in order to better understand their preferences and thus present them with the best option to retain their consumers and gain competitive advantage at the same time. How do you think organizations like Amazon, Citibank, Walmart benefit using this strategy of analyzing customer purchase data and constructing behavioral purchases? How do information systems support this strategy?

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1 x IMT-15: Production & Operation Management-MT1
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1 x IMT-40: Marketing Management-MT2
1 x IMT-63: Group Dynamics & Managing Change-MT1
1 x IMT-30: Sales and distribution management-MT1
1 x IMT-24: Quantitative Techniques-MT2
1 x IMT-11: Managing People-MT1
1 x IMT-41: Indian Financial Service-MT1
1 x IMT-54: Business Law-MT2
1 x IMT-70: Marketing of Service Industries-MT1
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1 x IMT-74: Managing Human Resource in Global Environment-MT1
1 x IMT-51: Manufacturing Strategy-MT2
1 x IMT-16: International Trade-MT1
1 x IMT-58: Management Accounting-MT1
1 x IMT-87: Risk Management-MT1
1 x IMT-14: Organizational Structure & Behaviour-MT3
1 x IMT-93: Different Types of Attacks-MT1
1 x IMT-12: Human Resource Management-MT2
1 x IMT-13: Management Union Relations-MT2
1 x IMT-76: Industrial Marketing-MT1
1 x IMT-03: Marketing Research-MT2
1 x IMT-75: Brand Management-MT2
1 x IMT-12: Human Resource Management-MT1
1 x IMT-42: Capital Market and SEBI Regulations-MT1
1 x IMT-10: Business Communication-MT3
1 x IMT-57: Financial Accounting-MT2
1 x IMT-59: Financial Management-MT2
1 x IMT-17: International Marketing-MT1
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