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Project Management-NMIMS Sep 18

Project Management-NMIMS Sep 18

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Q1. You are working for a multi-national bank and are being asked to set up a Project Management Office (PMO) for the bank. Discuss appropriateness of each type of PMO for the bank and recommend one of them for the bank. Please make suitable assumptions but specify them explicitly. (10 Marks)

Q2. You are involved in a project feasibility study. The project is about installing additional capacity for manufacturing 100 bicyles per day. As part of this study, you are asked to do the demand forecasting. Discuss appropriateness of each type of qualitative forecasting method for your project and recommend one of them. Please make suitable assumptions but specify them explicitly. (10 Marks)

Q3. "This project seems to be a good deal", Mr. Sharma opened the meeting with this statement. "We invest Rs. 80 lac and can get Rs. 1 Cr in just three years. What more do we need?” Mr. Sharma continued. "Let's take the opinion of Ms. Roy. She has recently done a course on project management and can help us from that learning", Mr. Iyer looked at Ms. Roy, who has just joined the organization couple of months back. As she was new, she was not sure how things work in this organization. However, since Mr. Iyer, who is the Head of her business unit, asked her directly, she needed to speak up. "I will need some facts and figure before making any suggestion. In particular, I will need to know estimated cash inflows and outflows." "Oh yes, this project will need Rs. 80 lac up front but will generate Rs. 50 lac each in second and third year." Mr. Sharma quickly provided the data. "And we need minimum 12% rate of return!” Mr. Iyer provided additional data.

a. Which are the methods are available for making such decision? Which one method would you recommend? Why? (5 Marks)

b. Should Ms. Roy recommend this project? Why or why not? (5 Marks)

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