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General Management

General Management


General Management

Q1. (a) Discuss the importance of management in the present-day world.

Q1. (b) "Managers at all levels required some competence in each of the technical, human and conceptual skills, albeit with difference in emphasis." Analyze this statement with suitable examples from your work experience."

Q2. (a) What is the major task of manager according to the contingency approach?

Q2. (b) Describe in detail the social performance of business in India.

Q3. (a) What is the different between a policy and a procedure? Should a policy be permanent or subject to changes?

Q3. (b) What do you understand by the process of decision-making? What are the main stages in the process of rational decision-making?

Q4. (a)  What is the importance of sales forecasting in planning? A sales forecast is often regarded both as a plan and as a premise. Comment!

Q4. (b) What is meant by departmentalization? Explain different types of departmentalization.

Q5. (a) What do you understand by "span of management"? How is this taken into account in preparing an organization structure?

Q5. (b) "Authority is an all inclusive principle of management from which all other principles are derived." Do you agree? Give your reasons.

Q6. (a) "Coordination and communication are the sine qua non of managements."

Q6. (b) Describe the difference between a formal and an informal organization.

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