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IMT-89: Material Requirement and Planning-MT1

IMT-89: Material Requirement and Planning-MT1





Q1. Explain various functions under Materials Management Function.


Q2. Explain the importance of Materials Planning. What are the advantages of good Materials planning?


Q3. What is the Materials research? How can it improve materials planning?


Q4. What are the sources from which we could collect information about Materials Management Research?


Q5. How can computers help in improving Materials Planning Activities?





Q1. Standardization is key to effective Planning of Materials? Critically examine the statement giving examples.


Q2. Explain different classification of materials from inventory point of view. What is Music 3D and how does it help in materials planning?


Q3. Differentiate P and Q systems of Inventory Planning.


Q4. How will you plan differently for materials being purchased from international sources and domestic sources?


Q5. What are the essential features of square parts material planning?




Q1. What is MRP? How does it work for planning of materials?


Q2. What is lot sizing? Explain different methods of Lot Sizing.


Q3. Materials planning is key to ensure good financial discipline. Critically examine the statement giving examples.


Q4. What are the different ordering systems and how can they influence the material requirement and planning?


Q5. How will you evaluate Material requirement and planning system of an organization? What are the key performance indicators?




Complete the MRP schedule for the following part:


        Lot size 2000+

        Lead time 1 week

        On Hand 1300

        Safety Stock 400




Gross Requirement      1100       700       1500      900    1850    1400

Scheduled receipts      2000





Visit an organization and study and write their material planning process. How do they plan for various categories of material? What are the difficulties they face in planning?


Make a brief report on the same.

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