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SMU Winter 13 - 1st Sem All Six Subjects

SMU Winter 13 - 1st Sem All Six Subjects
SMU MBA Solved Assignments - 1st Sem
MB0038-Assignment-Winter-2013 -Management Process and Organizational Behaviour
Q1. What do you mean by Span of Control? Differentiate between narrow span of control and wide span of control. Describe the factors that influence the span of control.
MB0039-Assignment-Winter-2013 - Business Communication
Q1. As a speaker you are addressing a group of people. Explain the elements involved in this communication. 
MB0040-Assignment-Winter-2013 - Statistics for Management
Q1. Distinguish between Classification and Tabulation. Explain the structure and components of a Table with an example 
MB0041-Assignment-Winter-2013 - Financial and Management Accounting
Q1. Give the classification of Accounts according to accounting equation approach with its meaning and examples. Compare the traditional approach with modern approach of accounting equation approach. Analyze the transaction under traditional approach... 
MB0042-Assignment-Winter-2013 - Managerial Economics
Q1. “Most of the firms spend considerable amounts of money on advertisement”. Explain advertising elasticity of demand and its practical applications in this context. 
MB0043-Assignment-Winter-2013 - Human Resource Management
Q1. What do you mean by Human Resource Management? Describe the functions of Human Resource Management. 
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1 x Research Methodology-ISBM-1
1 x MBEL-Programming and Problem Solving through C Language
1 x Organizational Behaviour-ISBM-2
1 x Operation Management-ISBM-2
1 x BusinessEnvironment-ISBM-1
1 x MBEL-WAN Technologies
1 x Operation Management-ISBM-1
1 x Purchasing and Materials Management-ISBM-1
1 x International Business-ISBM-2
1 x MBEL-Network Planning and Design
1 x Inventory Management-ISBM-1
1 x MBEL-Optical Technology
1 x Production Management-ISBM-1
1 x Software Project Management-ISBM-1
1 x MBEL-Basics of OS (UNIX LINUX and Shell Programming)-1A
1 x Corporate Law-ISBM-1
1 x Finance Management-ISBM-1
1 x Business Ethics
1 x Advertising Management
1 x Consumer Behavior
1 x Marketing Management
1 x Business Market Management
1 x Financial Management
1 x Accounting Management
1 x Operation Management
1 x International Business
1 x General Management
1 x Organizational Behavior
1 x Business Communication
1 x ITM-Total Quality Management-2014
1 x ISTD-Evaluation of Training
1 x IIBMS-International Business
1 x Electronic enabled training systems
1 x IIBMS-Marketing Management
1 x IIBM Institute of Business Management-HRM
1 x Electronic enabled training office and administration
1 x ITM-Marketing-2014
1 x ITM-Human Resource-2014
1 x ITM-Finance-2014
1 x ISTD-Training Methodology II
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