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Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration-UPES-1-J13

Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration-UPES-1-J13

Section A (20 Marks)

Write short notes on any four of the following

  1. New Exploration Licensing Policy
  2. Hydrocarbon Generation
  3. Shale Gas and Tight Gas
  4. Stratigraphic Traps
  5. Concept of reservoirs


Section B (30 marks)

(Attempt any three)

  1. Discuss the major tasks in Oil Exploration.
  2. Give a brief classification of crude by Oil Industry.
  3. Explain the theories of origin of Petroleum.
  4. Draft a project on the phases of migration.


Section C (50 marks)

(Attempt all questions. Every question carries 10 marks)

Read the case “Talisman Energy UK achieves high performance through outsourcing finance and accounting” and answer the following questions.

Talisman Energy UK achieves high performance through outsourcing finance and accounting

Accenture’s research finds that high-performance businesses build their finance organizations by focusing on key sets of capabilities, one of which is finance operations. Mastery of finance operations requires the use of technologies, organizational structures and effective processes to enable high-quality, effective operations. One way to achieve high-performance finance operations is to outsource specific operations to a specialist service provider as Talisman Energy UK elected to do back in 1997 when it launched its North Sea operations.

Talisman Energy UK is an upstream oil and gas producer and subsidiary of Talisman Energy Inc—a global, independent oil and gas company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Talisman Energy UK became an operator in the North Sea in 1997 and, following significant acquisition activity, now operates the industry’s second largest number of oil fields in the North Sea.

Business challenge

In commencing operations in the UK North Sea Talisman Energy, like many of its peers, had to choose between investment in core offshore assets and facilities—where commitment to safe, economical production is critical—and investment in support activities which is less important. To help achieve profitable operations in this difficult environment, Talisman executives needed a way to do much more with much less. Following a detailed investigation, they decided to outsource back-office finance operations to Accenture Finance and Accounting BPO Services—an Accenture business that provides finance and accounting services on an outsourced basis.

Accenture has an established finance and accounting BPO business in Aberdeen, Scotland, which commenced operations in 1991 after signing a ground-breaking outsourcing agreement with BP. The Accenture Delivery Center in Aberdeen, Scotland, which is one of more than 40 delivery centers through which Accenture supports its outsourcing clients, specializes in the upstream energy-industry and is staffed with Accenture finance and accounting professionals with deep skills in the Energy industry and extensive UK accounting experience. This capability provided Talisman with a readily available, skilled back-office and systems.

How Accenture helped

Accenture’s involvement was important in helping Talisman obtain the accounting skills needed to manage North Sea oil and gas operations. In addition to providing functional expertise and energy industry-skilled accounting personnel, Accenture established Talisman on its SAP-based oil accounting solution that saved Talisman from having to implement its own system. It also provided reduced operating costs, since the system was shared by several other major upstream energy clients.

The outsourcing relationship was expanded in 2001 following Talisman’s acquisition of Norwegian production assets. Accenture deployed personnel with extensive industry and functional skills and the SAP system through the Accenture Delivery Center in Stavanger, Norway, to support Talisman’s accounting operations. Talisman’s contract renewal (in 2005) progressed the organization’s journey to high performance further— this time by transferring select finance and accounting processes to Accenture’s delivery center in Bangalore, India.

This entire transition was completed in five weeks, with skilled, experienced personnel in the Accenture Delivery Center in Bangalore assuming responsibility for several finance processes. Throughout the transition process, Accenture worked together with Talisman—utilizing Accenture’s suite of proprietary tools and methodologies—to assist with the smooth, rapid transition of information, technology, functional/ industry skills and knowledge capital.

All in all, Accenture has been supporting Talisman UK’s finance processes such as Accounts Payable, Contract Compliance, Cash & Banking, Management Accounting, and Corporate Accounting for more than nine years. During that time, continuous improvement—a key to high performance in any industry—has been the watchword: Together, Talisman and Accenture have implemented numerous innovations, assets and tools, alongside the SAP system to ensure that finance processes keep improving and that costs are reduced wherever practical. Good examples of these include:

Electronic invoicing

All invoices (approximately 30,000 per year) are now processed, routed, approved and paid electronically. And supplier queries are answered via a special supplier portal.

Accenture e-partner

This standalone, Web-based application electronically issues and processes billings to Talisman’s joint venture partners. Joint ventures are common in North Sea upstream operations, and this tool helps make them more manageable and efficient.

Accenture Info Core

This is an innovative, Accenture developed management information and reporting tool that interacts directly with the ERP accounting system and is used by Talisman personnel to monitor and update financial forecasts.

High performance delivered Only one year into the new, 10-year outsourcing contract with Accenture, Talisman’s goals of reducing costs and further leveraging high-quality external resources were achieved. Adding further value, Accenture also completed several consulting engagements with Talisman, such as helping Talisman migrate to a new ERP system in 2005 and transitioning financial information following the acquisition of new assets and business entities. These changes have allowed Talisman to focus its internal resources on strategic matters such as working with joint venture partners and implementing new services. Like the rapid development of functional skills and the visionary deployment of technology, working to maximize the strategic value of internal staff is also a core tenet of high performance, as well as a primary benefit of outsourcing.

Proof of Talisman’s progress is in the metrics. Accenture’s service performance to Talisman is regularly assessed via more than 60 key performance indicators (KPIs). Frequently, Accenture meets these KPI standards 100 percent and regularly scores 6 out of 7 on Client Quality Management Assessments (client satisfaction surveys). The latter is a global ISO-9001-compliant program that provides a consistent mechanism for risk and issue management.

Talisman and Accenture are enjoying the successes of this innovative and collaborative arrangement where each can leverage their skills in the pursuit of high performance. Every renewal of the contract strives for a new set of more-aggressive service- and cost performance targets.

About Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. With more than 186,000 people serving clients in over 120 countries, the company generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2008. Its home page is accenture



  1. Discuss the relationship between Talisman and Accenture in business terms.
  2. How Talisman Energy UK achieved high performance?
  3. Accenture’s involvement was important in helping Talisman. Give reasons
  4. Give few examples of new innovations made by Talisman and Accenture.

Write a short note on Accenture Info Core.

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