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SMU Summer 13 - 1st Sem All Six Subjects

SMU Summer 13 - 1st Sem All Six Subjects

MB0038-Management Process and Organizational Behaviour

Question 1: Describe the concept of vision in an organisation with an example. How is it different from mission statement?

Question 2: Define the term 'management'. Explain the scientific management theory proposed by Taylor

Question 3: Give the definition and importance of planning in an organisation and explain the steps in planning.

Question 4: What is meant by leading? Describe the characteristics of leading.

Question 5: What are 'attitudes'? Explain the components and functions of attitude.

Question 6: Define leadership. Differentiate between authoritarian and democratic leadership style.


MB0039-Business Communication-Solution

Question 1: Communication skills are of utmost importance in managing information and technology in any organization. List the characteristics of communication and discuss the seven barriers to effective communication.

Question 2: Non-verbal communication can have a greater impact than verbal communication and is ambiguous. List & explain various types of non-verbal communication in brief.

Question 3: Written messages must be as readable as possible. Discuss the two broad principles of writing. Explain the three stages of writing methodology in detail.

Question 4: There are various techniques of reading out of which SQ3R is most popular. How will you apply it while reading and research?

Question 5: Advertisements are used by the organizations to communicate with prospective customers. What is the meaning and objectives of corporate advertising? Discuss with examples.

Question 6: In order to get a job you need to approach an organization with a resume. How does a resume affect your employability? What are the components of resume?


MB0040-Statistics for Management

Question 1: Statistics plays a vital role in almost every facet of human life. Describe the functions of Statistics. Explain the applications of statistics.

Question 2 a: Explain the various measures of Dispersion.

Question 2b: Obtain the values of the median and the two Quartiles.











Question 3a: What is correlation? Distinguish between positive and negative correlation.

Question 3b: Calculate coefficient of correlation from the following data.





















Question 4: Index number acts as a barometer for measuring the value of money. What are the characteristics of an index number? State its utility.

Question 5: Business forecasting acquires an important place in every field of the economy. Explain the objectives and theories of Business forecasting.

Question 6: The weekly wages of 1000 workers are normally distributed around a mean of Rs. 70 and a standard deviation of Rs. 5. Estimate the number of workers whose weekly wages will be:

a. Between 70 and 72

b. Between 69 and 72

c. More than 75

d. Less than 63



MB0041-Financial and Management Accounting

Question 1: Accounting is one of the oldest, structured management information system. Give the meaning of accounting and book keeping? Explain the objectives of accounting?

Question 2: Explain GAAP and write down the relationship between accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting conventions. Explain all the five accounting concepts with an example.

Question 3: List down the classification of accounts according to accounting equation approach. Give the meaning and examples for all the types of accounts.

Question 4: What is cash book? Differentiate between other subsidiary books and cash book.

Question 5: The following items are found in the trial balance of M/s Sharada Enterprise on 31st December, 2000.

Sundry Debtors Rs.160000

Bad Debts written off Rs 9000

Discount allowed to Debtors Rs. 1800

Reserve for Bad and doubtful Debts 31-12-1999 Rs. 16500

Reserve for discount on Debtors 31-12-1999 Rs. 3200

You are required to provide the bad and doubtful debts at 5% and for discount on debtors at 2%. Show the adjustments for bad debts, bad debts reserve, discount account, and provision for discount on debtors.

Question 6: What is management accounting? Explain the roles of management accounting and write down about any 2 functions of management accounting.


MB0042-Managerial Economics-Solution

Question 1: Discuss the practical application of Price elasticity and Income elasticity of demand.

Question 2: Explain the profit maximisation model in detail.

Question 3: Describe the objectives of pricing Policies.

Question 4: Define Fiscal Policy and the instruments of Fiscal policy.

Question 5: Explain the kinds and the basis of Price discrimination under monopoly.

Question 6: Define the term Business Cycle and also explain the phases of business or trade cycle in brief.


MB0043-Human Resource Management

Question 1: Define Human resource planning (HRP). Explain the objectives and process of HRP.

Question 2: What are the factors affecting recruitment? What are the sources of recruitment?

Question 3: What are the main objectives of training? Explain on-the job and off the job training.

Question 4: Define performance management. Write a brief note on 360 degree appraisal.

Question 5: What is meant by job analysis? Explain its purpose and methods.

Question 6: What are the benefits and objectives of employee welfare measures?

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