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IMT-75: Brand Management-2014

IMT-75: Brand Management-2014


Question 1: Explain what is a brand?

Question 2: Brands have physical as well as psychological features, explain with the help of an example.

Question 3: Mention branding of any three categories which have transitioned from commodities to brands.

Question 4: What are the various symbols used in branding? What should be the elements of good symbol?

Question 5: Why firm use brand ambassadors? How does it contribute to brand equity?



Question 1: Discuss the Kapferer model of brand identity.

Question 2: What is strategic brand management process? Elaborate.


Question 3: Elaborate brand identity of Star Bucks in India, with the help of brand identity model.

Question 4: What is brand equity? What are the major components of brand equity?

Question 5: Differentiate between revitalization and reinforcement of the brands, with the help of the relevant examples from your everyday life.



Question 1: How would you select brand elements and there role in brand building?

Question 2: How is service branding different from product branding , explain with the help of examples.

Question 3: What is co branding? What type of companies can draw benefit from co branding. Also mention different types of co branding.

Question 4: How can we value brands? Discuss with examples of recent brand acquisitions.

Question 5: Discuss the threat posed by private labels to manufacturer brands.





Colour cosmetics player Modi Revlon plans to take on Garnier, the mass hair colour market leader, with the launch of its mass brand, Color N Care. While this would be Revlon's first India-specific brand, it would also mark a detour from Revlon's premium positioning.Priced at Rs 120, Color N Care would compete with Garnier, which commands about 75% share of the mass hair colour market, and Godrej. About 60% of the Rs 200-crore hair colour market is dominated by mass brands priced around Rs 100. "It is the first India-specific brand from Revlon. If it succeeds, we would like to have the brand rights to distribute it in other markets," said Umesh K Modi, chairman, president and CEO, Modi Group.

The Rs 150-crore Modi Revlon, a 74:26 joint venture between Modi Mundipharma and Revlon, has hair colour brands like Colour Silk, Top Speed and Colour Stay, priced at Rs 250, Rs 375 and Rs 450 respectively.

With the launch of Color n Care, it is targeting a 15% market share in the first year. The new brand would be promoted through a mix of mass media campaigns and in-store promotions through its beauty advisors.

For Modi Revlon, about 20% of its revenue comes from the hair colour business. It has a 12% market share of the total hair colour market.



1. Explain brand strategy of Revlon.

2. Critically analyze firms brand structure. What challenges you foresee for the firm?



Mother Dairy Fruits & Vegetables, a company with a billion-dollar (Rs 4,200-crore) turnover,

Mother dairy has been a well established player in NCR. known for products the firm has been largest seller of milk in NCR , with 65% of the revenue being contributed by milk. Amul entered delhi market five years back and in 2011 with in a span on 4years it defeated mother dairy in terms of market share. Amul procures fresh milk and packages it. Mother dairy adds powder milk in its products to the tune of 40%. This spoils the taste of the product. Also Amul is credited with more awareness and knowledge about its products amongst consumers. Amul is a leader in the ice cream segment of the country. Their capacity to develop products and gain market leadership helped them gain substantial share in the NCR region in the milk segment raising question marks on the brand equity of the company. Mother Dairy has been market leader in NCR for 35 years. Losing ground to Amul in 2011 in the milk segment is forcing company to rethink its strategy. They plan to increase their capacity and also expand procurement of the milk. One of the regions why consumer shifted to Amul has been difference in the taste of the milk. Amul milk is fresh where as a portion of mother dairy milk is reconstituted. Mother dairy sells through its own outlets and home delivery is not possible where as Amul used channel and home delivery of the milk is possible. Mother dairy milk price has been less than the price of Amul milk , still a huge number of mother dairy loyals moved to Amul. Now Mother dairy is restructuring its strategy and systems to combat Amul.



1. What would you suggest to Mother Dairy for its revitalization plan.

2. Develop brand identity model for Mother Dairy after collecting additional information for the brand.

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