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IMT-31: Web Technology-2014

IMT-31: Web Technology-2014


Q1. A watch company want to display 5 different models of watches. Create a web page which includes 5 different layers for all the watch models. Every layer will contain standard text like: Image of watch, company name, description, price. There are 5 hyperlinks on bottom of the page representing name of all models. As user mouse moves over the hyperlink, a particular layer associated with that link should appear, otherwise all layers must remain invisible.

Q2. What is the difference in Client side and Server side languages? Why the forms validations in a HTML page is done using client side language like JavaScript instead of server side language.

Q3. A job placement company hosted a web site for online submission of resumes by various candidates. Create a web page for resume submission using forms and various HTML components. The fields in form may include: Name, Address, age, email, phone, mobile, qualification details, previous experience details, etc. Write client side script for the web page using JavaScript for implementing various field level validations.

Q4. What is Global.asa file. Why Application and session variables declared in Global.asa file.

Q5. Using Send Mail Component (Or any other Mail Component), create a web page to send mails. The

requirement is to have various mail features like, CC, BCC, Mail Subject, Mail from, etc.


Q1. Explain XML. How XML can be used in place of any database management system.

Q2. Write a short note on following:

     (a) Document Type Definition (DTD).

     (b) XSL (Extensive style sheet language).

     (c) Namespaces.

Q3. A scientist want to implement tags (using XML) of following format to create web page which helps in representing Chemistry periodic table for various elements:

<Element atomic number = " " >

<Name> Sodium</Name>

<Characteristics> Solid, Low melting point….. </Characteristics>

<Atomic Weight> </Atomic Weight>


Write document type definition for the above mentioned tags using XML.

Q4. Explain following by taking suitable examples:

     (a) XSLT.

     (b) XML Schema.

     (c) XQuery.

     (d) XLInk.

Q5. An educational institute want to implement online result system. The student can feed its rollno and course on the web site to see it marks details in order of various subjects. More ever administrator of the web site can edit and add marks through web interface of the site. Write the application page using ASP and XML in backend to implement the above mentioned functions. Define suitable DTD for the above data storage design.


Q1. Explain <img> --- </img> tag.

Q2. Differentiate between Client side and server side scripting.

Q3. Explain various different types of Lists in HTML.

Q4. What is web server and name any three web servers?

Q5. Explain how to use < % %> delimiter.



Create an online discussion group for a class, with a limited participation to registered users. Add a registration page using the registration template to allow users to add themselves to the discussion group. The registered user can post message on discussion board, can answer the already posted questions, send email, etc. Explain process, steps & Codes




A big manufacturing house is facing difficulty in implementing distributed database system for its ERP application. They decided to integrate all departments in all the manufacturing units situated in different countries by hosting a dedicated web site with dedicated database server. To start with they decided to put sales and distribution department online. The user of the web site can perform operations such as: Add/ Edit sales order, add/edit customer information, add/edit details of distribution centre, check accounts receivable of customer, check ware house status, implement sales transaction from warehouse to customer/Distributor, etc. Purpose the detailed design and implementation of the web application keeping in mind following platform: Windows NT Server, IIS, ASP, SQL Server, JavaScript.

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