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CAM-Computer Aided Management-2014

CAM-Computer Aided Management-2014


Question 1: What do you understand by computer aided management? Illustrate.

Question 2: What does a formula do in a spreadsheet?

Question 3: Name and explain four commonly used type's data in worksheet.

Question 4: List five business applications for which one can use excel.

Question 5: List some of the sensitivity tools of Excel.



Question 1: Describe why organizations need databases.

Question 2: Majority of organizations worldwide have only TPS and MIS as part of their information Systems. Do these organizations really need databases, and if so, why?

Question 3: What is Tally? What is the business value of tally?

Question 4: What is meaning of SPSS? Why is it required for business and management? Justify.

Question 5: What are the various uni-variate tests in SPSS? How to apply them? Write commands of each.



Question 1: What is the concept of free webhosting? Illustrate

Question 2: Research on Google and list down various free hosting websites.

Question 3: What attributes you would like to include in your professional website? Illustrate why?

Question 4: What are the security challenges for any organization? Illustrate

Question 5: How you can protect individual identity and secure in cyber world?



CASE 1: Write the steps required to create three dimension pivot table. (Please attach print out.)



Case 2: Create a personal website: upload the reading material, photo, CV, Image, some graphics, and put the website or add URL on google search engine. (Please write URL and printout of the website).

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